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SF Galore Issue #1 Fall 1977
It reads like a press release but does mention a few of the script authors by name. D. C. Fontana gets a nice mention as well as revealing one of the pen names she was using. Saul David is credited for writing the pilot?

Circus Magazine Issue # 168 November 10, 1977

During the production of "Crypt" Circus Magazine ( a rock music publication) did a interesting interview/article with the cast and some of the crew of Logan's Run. Greg and Heather seem to be bashing the movie a bit. They mention some interesting changes to Rem's dialogue.

New 6-12-01 AP November 7th 1977 article
Sex May Attract Men To Kids Show
This artivle deals mainly with heather's outfit and how skimpy it is. It also mentions how much more comfortable she was compared to her costars. Those 'original' MIB's!

New 6-12-01 TV Guide Fall Preview Page Fall 1977
Fluffy brief introduction to the series. Picture taken during production of the pilot.

New 6-28-01 Logan's Run: Monster, Ray Guns, And ?
Fluffy non-article about the upcoming Tv series from the Feb 1978 issue of Future Fantasy (another UFO publication trying to cash in on Star Wars) contians one unusual pic of Logan Jesscia nd Francis posing in front of the Mountain Citie's monolith. Wish i had that original!

New 9-9-01 Most Likely Hits Among New Fall TV Shows
From the National Enquirer comes this article from 1977. Some things it gets right. Soap was a big hit. Logan's Run was not. Some of the other shows I do not even recall hearing about. Worth reading. Brings back some meories! Special thanks to Eric Popejoy for this article.

This article from Look-In come to us courtsey of Stephen Fox in Yorkshire.

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Jan 21 1978

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April 8 1978

The Movie

Anyone have the cover?

People Magazine article about Jenny .June 28, 1976

Well worth reading!

Photoplay Magazine
September 1976 Page 49 Interview with Michael York New 8-1-01
Special thanks going out to Mark Taylor for contributing this fine article!
I really enjoyed this Interview because it alos involves his wife. A nice portrait of their family. I was not aware that they lived in a house in Dallas while working on the movie.

News Flash!

Cinescape magazine has a Logan's Run article in the Jan.Feb 2001 issue! Many pictures form the TV series and info on the new movie. Special thanks to Ken Hay for this tidbit of information!
I ran out and bought the issue but was dissapointed at the choices of photographs (all but 1 are already on this web site) and the overall negative tone of the article. It does mention the new movie end and has some interesting bits about the transition as people who worked on the movie were brought onboard for the TV series then replaced.