PHOTOPLAY Magazine September 1976 Page 49



by Shelly Andrews

Michael Anderson, director of ìLoganís Run the futuristic sci-fi thriller now playing across the country, had certain problems creating the modern sets that the film required and the way-out costumes of the 23rd century but he had no problems with the casting of his main character, Logan. As Anderson puts it Michael York was my first choice for the film. He is perfect for Logan. He is the right age and he has that marvelous sculpted face that somehow looks like the future.

Whether or not you agree that Michael York has the chiseled face of the future, it cannot be denied that he has one of the hottest faces of the ë70ís. Michael has been making movie after movie since his 1967 debut and thereís no end in sight for this popular young British leading man.

Michael York was born in England in 1942. He did quite a bit of acting as a young boy and while in collage. He graduated from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and then became a member of Britain's prestigious National Theatre at the Old Vic. His first engagement was in Shakespearer's Much Ado About Nothingî with Maggie Smith and Albert Finney. This lead to his motion picture debut in The Taming Of The Shrew with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Michael made his television debut in 1966 as young Jolyon in the BBC's widely acclaimed The Forsyte Saga. During the next few years, he acted in many films including Romeo And Juliet, The Guru, and Justine. Then, in 1971, he achieved international recognition when he starred opposite Liza Minnelli in Cabaret. He followed this with a string of successes, Murder On The Orient Express, The Three Musketeers and The Four Musketeers.

But Michael has not forgotten the stage in his busy career. Since 1973, he has appeared on Broadway in Tennessee Williamsí Outcry, The Royal Hunt Of The Sun, Hamlet and Ring Around the Moon. It does seem rather a long list of accomplishments for such a young man, but it's all true!

Michael had some interesting things to say about the world of the 23rd century, as imagined inìLogan's Run, a world where people live a life of complete luxury until the age of 30 at which time they have to self-destruct. As Michael says, I think this kind of future world has certain possibilities. For instance, I agree with the ecologically balanced concept of the film ñ that is, if someone dies then someone is born. It does seem to make sense. The transportation that weíll use in the future, those maze-cars which whiz along tunnels in the movie. I think thatís all going to happen as well. It's all quite fantastic, yet it's entirely probable.

Well, Maybe not entirely probable. The world of Logan's Run sounds a little terrifying. But Michael enjoyed making the film very much because his role as Logan was very different from the classic works, all set in the past, with which he's had so much experience. I think all movies are hard to act in, but it's nice to do something different. I've had the luxury of choice in roles. It's nice to be able to go from The Three Musketeers to England Made Me and take a small and interesting part just because I want to.

Michael always travels with his beautiful blonde wife, Pat. She is a professional photographer and ex-travel editor of Glamour Magazine. Pat is with Michael on every movie location, because she enjoys it so. I love it, Pat admits.ìIf someone asked me, what kind of life would you like to lead, I'd have to say the I'm leading. I'm a complete gypsy. Our life is really a series of little lifetimes, going from one place to another for three to five months. We always rent a house if we can; we even rented one in Dallas for the on-location filming of Logan's Run, even though we were only there for a month. We've had a beautiful house with a pool, help and even a Lincoln Continental.

Michael chimed in, That means you have to cope with the plumber and repairs and such, but after all, that's life. We never stay in hotels. Currently, we have a house in London and we rent a house in California.

Pat, however doesn't lounge around all day with nothing to do. She has her own work as a photographer. As she says, I have an assignment for Vogue Magazine. I could never travel with Michael and just sit around the set all day. I have to be doing something. I'm lucky being married to Michael because he would hate it if I did nothing.

Michael added, I think if anyone has some kind of creative instinct which fulfills his own kind of personality, to squash that or inhibit it is criminal! I think you can keep both in balance ñ a private life and a professional life. It's just a question of making it work for you. Iím aware that Pat has cut down on her professional work to be with me, so that there's never been that kind of conflict. On the other hand, Ive gone with her sometimes when she's had an assignment and I wasnít working. She worked as a photographer on Love Story and I had never seen Boston, so I went with her. Also, we've done some assignments together where she takes the pictures and I write the text.

Pat adds, I'm very much for Women's Lib, in the sense that women should have equal opportunities and equal education. I've always loved men and men are very important in my life. I have more men friends than women friends but I like women and I want to see them get the best possible deal. But I donít think anyone should put down a woman who, unlike myself, enjoys domesticity. A lot of women really enjoy it. It bores me to death if I sit with a woman who talks about nothing but cooking, because I have nothing in common with her. However, I think she's very creative and handles a difficult job. I admire her.

The Yorks have not decided whether or not they want to have children. Pat says, I don't know I had a miscarriage once. We have ambiguous feelings about it. I wanted a child very much when we first got married but now I wouldn't want our life to change. I really love our life the way it is, which may be very selfish of me. I donít think children necessarily add to a marriage. My observation is that many couples without children are happier than some couples with children. Of course, I would like to see what a child of ours would look like. I'd like to see Michael's looks in one. It would be difficult to fit a child into our life since we are always on the move. We have been married for seven years, and in that time, we've been in Morocco, Spain, India, Italy, America and even England sometimes. We havenít been anywhere very long, which is great. I have friends all over the world and so does Michael. They donít have time to get tired of you and you don't get tired of them.

Being the wife of a very attractive, very popular movie actor, was Pat afraid that Michael would become personally involved with one of his leading ladies? Pat responded by noting, I've never been asked that question before but I suppose it would be just as easy for a photographer, like me, to get involved with a guy she was photographing as it would for an actor and his co-star. Have you ever watched a love scene being shot? With all those people around, it is one of the most unromantic things you've ever seen. I think thatif a couple is happy, there's no problem.

Michael is a sex symbol and girls sometimes chase him. He seems to like it and Pat, also, doesn't mind. I think that's good, she said. He gets an enormous amount of fan mail. When he did Ring Around The Moon on the stage in Los Angeles, there were two girls who followed him home every night ñ one in a Rolls Royce and the other in a Corvette! They kept sending him presents and writing to him and he finally wrote back to them and said, Thank you very much, but please leave me alone, in the most polite way. I think thatísall part of it, and it doesnít bother me as long as hey don't intrude on our private life.

The Yorks have been very lucky. They have both managed to have successful careers and have a wonderful personal life, that is satisfying to Michael and Pat.