Issue #1

Fall 1977



Logan's Run is an imaginative new science fiction-adventure series set 200 years in the future after a nuclear holocaust has destroyed most of Earth's civilization. Based upon last year's popular movie, Logan's Run revises that films ending and incorporates previously unused elements from the original 1960's novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.

Gregory Harrison, who starred in the critically acclaimed film Fraternity Row and has appeared on the network in MASH and Barnaby Jones, stars as Logan, a Sandman (elite policeman). Logan questions his regimented existence in the Domed City to which he is confined, and breaks away to discover if there is something better in the unknown world outside.

Also starring, as Jessica, is Heather Menzies, who has appeared in such motion pictures as The Sound of Music and Sssss, and in the television special Tail Gunner Joe. Jessica helps Logan escape from the Domed City and becomes his fellow fugitive in search of the nebulous utopia they have heard described as Sanctuary. David Moffat stars as the android Rem, gifted with many human qualities, who abandons his robot-run community, Mountain City, to join Logan's and Jessica's adventurous quest for freedom.

Co-starring is Randy Powell as Francis, a dedicated Sandman and Loganís former friend. Francis pursues the two runners in order to return them to the sophisticated Domed City society, where life is devoted to pleasure but ends for residents when they reach the age of 30, in a ceremony known as Carousel.

In their travels, Logan and Jessica acquire an operable hovercraft from an earlier era, which they use in their flights across the bleak wastelands remaining from the atomic holocaust.

Logan and Jessica experience for the first time, with awe, such natural phenomena as rainfall, animals and birds. The couple also discover that the remaining pockets of civilization on Earth are separate entities, with no communication between each other.

Besides their quest for Sanctuary, Logan and Jessica are driven by another goal ñ the hope of one day returning to the Domed City to liberate friends doomed to extinction on their 30th birthdays.


Logan's Run executive producers are Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts. For seven years, the duo successfully produced Mannix, and more recently created Charlie's Angels. Leonard (Mission Impossible) Katzman is the series' line producer.

When hired, Katzman contracted Dorothy (Star Trek) Fontana to become Loganís Run story editor. Fontana and Katzman worked together last season on NBC's Fantastic Voyage (Actually Fantastic Journey - Vikki) .

Logan's Run producers are incredibly dedicated individuals. After shooting a 60-minute pilot that sold the series, Goff and company realized that the episode was inconsistent and sloppy. The team went back to reshoot portions of the pilot story, an unheard of television practice. Loganís Run's premiere episode is now 90-minutes long.

CBS is also going all out in supporting Logan. The network has raised the series' budget on its first eight episodes so that the programís potential can be fully developed. Art director and special effects men have created fantastic dazzling visuals, unprecedented for a weekly series.

Even Logan's Run's writers are good. Science fiction authors William F. Nolan (co-writer of the original Logan novel), Harlan Ellison, David Gerrold, Shimon Wincelberg, and John Meredith Lucas (Star Trek's second season line producer), are all first season contributors. Other writers working on the series include Michael Michealian and Kathryn Michealian Powers (who scripted several Fantastic Journey episodes), John Sherlock, Ray Brunner, Dorothy Fontana's pen name Michael Richards, and James Schermer (author of the animated Star Trek's "The Survivor"). The original filmís producer, Saul David, co-wrote the show's pilot.

Some critics have already nick-named Logan's Run "the Star Wars of television." But the series' success will probably rely on the strength of its pivotal lead-in, The New Adventures of Wonder Woman.