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All audio is in MP3 downloadable format unless otherwise noted. This page is just getting started.

The TV Series

Radio interviews with Greg Harrison


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Radio interviews with Heather Menzies


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The Movie

1992 Michael York remembers working on Logan's Run..

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17mb MP3

1992 Producer Saul David shares some memories.

Currnetly Offline

1992 Gary Morgan (Billy, Leader of the cubs) remembers.

Currnelty Offline

1992 Michelle Stacy looks back on playing Mary 2.

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Logan's Run Radio Spots

As part of the publisity for the movie, and as advertised in the back of the pressbook, there was a record of radio commercials or 'spots' that movie theaters could order ot help promote the moive. Many of these comercials are quite interesting. If I can find some web space I will stick more of them up soon. Click on the links below to download listed tracks to your hard drive.

Track 3: What Will It be Like? About 1 mb!

Track 7: Where Imigination Ends About 1 mb!

I guess this is popular as over 1000 people downloaded part 1 in January of 2001! Now back online!

The date is May 7th, 1976 and You Are There in SanDiego CA for a special advance preview screening of the new motion picture form MGM called Logan's Run. Ok, so you were not there, and you didn't get to see it, and shortly thereafter the studio hacked a ton of stuff out of the movie to make it shorter, and gain the film a PG rating. While the cut footage no longer exists (it vanished mysteriously along with the preview print) Fay Popejoy, a wonderful person and soon to be presidenent of the LROoF took along a cassette tape recorder into the theater and recorded all the audio track of this preview screening. You only had to wait 25 years to listen to this, so remeber this site brought it to you first. The movie is divided up into 5 MP3 files. Each about 25mb in size. Each file represents one side of a cassette tape. You will need a MP3 player program to listen to them. And unlike Nixon's missing tape, you can listen to these 15 minutes.

Part I 28mb In the first section you get to hear the deleted opening sequence where Francis kills a runner in a residence pool. The citizens then applaud the Sandman's shot. Other hilights include: A longer carousel sequence minus the computer voice, more dialogue in Nursery, Francis' 'lastday girl' cut completely form the film. Unfortunately, while filmed, the other character in this deleted sequence, a girl on her way to her turn at the Love Shop, is not present. Also not present are the Halucimill sequences as most of the drug references had already been removed by the studio.

Part II 27mb In this section of the film Jessica talks about flameout as the ultimate thrill. Logan describes the effects of Muscle. Francis announces he is going to Cathedral to help backup Logan. We learn Holly's number is 13, and hear the infamous longer Love Shop sequence which takes up the last four minutes of this track,. Unfortunately the person doing the recording's tape also ran out during this sequence.

Part III 27mb The conclusion of the Love Shop sequence reveals that just about 2.5 minutes was trimmed form this sequence. From 4:16 to 1:55! It may have even been a few seconds longer as the person switched tapes. At Runner HQ Logan has an interesting line to Jessica as he tells her the others will be here soon and she should leave. You also get to hear Logan and Jessica talk as they pose for the ice sculpture as well as all of Box's cut dialogue!

Part IV 25mb The Old man recites some deleted cat poetry. The audience laughs quite a bit at his lines and his role. Francis says a few different things before he dies. Old man says a few deleted words after they bury Francis.

Part V 17 mb The return trip is mostly the same. There are some brief gaps in the sound. One or two extra old man lines as they aproach the water gardens. Missing is the computer voice calling people the Carousel. The surrogration sequence is quite a bit longer than in the version we are used to. The audience applauds at the end.