Denny Arnold died in Vancouver BC on Dec 31st 2001. At his memorial service there were still shots of the scene where he was air racheted backwards into the fountain in the deleted scene from Logan's Run. He was proud of the scene and never did see it on film. if you have any pictures of Denny please send them in so they can be added here in a gallery of his work. you can reach me at

What follows is Denny's cover letter and very impressive resume.

Tom Hanks, Bj Davis, John Candy, and Denny Arnold

Please find enclosed the following: a biography, resume', and letter of introduction. I have submitted these for your review. I would appreciate your consideration of me for your current or upcoming productions. In addition the above a video presentation is also available for your review.

My 35 years of experience, and well over 300 film and episodic television shows, videos and live programs have allowed me to work with, and for, many of the world's finest directors, stuntmen, and actors. This has been my proven training ground.

In addition to a thorough knowledge of film direction, blocking, lenses, equipment, etc., I am very production-oriented and budget-conscious while providing well-known, established stunt personnel. I have personally developed some of the world's outstanding stunt equipment. These include air ratchets, air rams, cannons, pipe ramps, hydrogen peroxide rocket engines, specialized safety harnesses and fire suits, to name a few.

Utilizing my coordinating experience combined with my highly trained team of professionals, I am ready to address all of your action needs, at your convenience. From horse work to wet bikes, jet skis, snow stunts to world record high falls, precision diving, cannon rolls, pipe ramps, aerial work (pilots available), wing walking, sky diving-HALO & HAHO, martial arts, ninja experts, weapons advisors, boxing and military technical advisors.

Safety will never be compromised and the direction, photography, and action will be unsurpassed, spectacular, and exciting. I have always applied these principals to feature film, television, videos, and live shows. I accept any film challenge; also analyze and develop the personnel and equipment to put the action sequences on film.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my aspects of your upcoming production, either as your director, actor, 2nd unit director, stunt coordinator, or stunts. Any one, or all of the above mentioned, as I am completely dedicated to the hard work and excitement of film art.

I am confident that once I worked with you, you will be completely satisfied as to my abilities and that I will be called upon for your every production need and we may look forward to a long-term business relationship.

Sincerely hoping that your production is a safe and successful endeavor.

I remain, respectfully yours,


Denny Arnold

Denny Arnold & Martin Sheen on set of Arrival II

Denny Arnold has worked in more than 350 films as an Actor, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt coordinator and Stuntman in an adventuresome and successful 28 year career ranging from Hollywood to other film continents worldwide.

Born in Canada but moved south to Texas and, after high school gained an education on a football scholarship to the University of Mississippi. After a brilliant college career as a receiver and running back, his professional career in the NFL was shortened by a knee injury.

His adventuresome spirit let him to Texas and California, and careers as a professional rodeo cowboy, pilot, race car and drag boat driver. His mechanical abilities and his many experiences have provided him the ability, knowledge, and physical attributes to open the door to Hollywood and an illustrious film career. He has invented and developed many of the modern day stunt and safety equipment. Denny also served on the Screen Actors Guild Stunt Rules and Safety Board.

He also performed created and executed action and scenes for many of the world's greatest directors. Denny's action has been likened to that of Sam Peckinpah and Walter Hill.

Denny has appeared on the Academy Awards screen twice, as an action in Bound for Glory and Chinatown when these films were announced as nominated for motion picture of the year.

He is the first, and only Canadian inducted into the Stuntmen's Hall of Fame for his lifetime achievement.

Being well rounded, experienced, and trained gives Denny the upperhand as 2nd Director, Actor, Stunt Coordinator, and Stuntman in films ranging from eastern to western, period to contemporary.


Denny Arnold and John Candy









* STUNT COORDINATOR-- and advisor on all phases of stunt work, studio fights, snowmobiles, jet skis, wt bikes, power and sail boats, boat jumps, weapons, boxing.

* LIVESTOCK AND WRANGLER COORDINATOR- expect horseman, horse and saddles falls, transfer, bulldogs, drags, teams and wagons (breakaway tongues, ironing boards, wheel cramps and pelicans, overshots) roping and all rodeo events * PRO RODEO COWBOY car work, precision driving, jumps, pipe and cannon rolls, rocket sidewinders, hits, trucks, heavy equipment, motorcycles (street and dirt) scuba and snorkel diving, high falls, air bags, descenders and decelerators, execution, etc., stair falls, rappelling, fencing, car and drag boat racing, external aerial work and transfers. * FILM DIRECTOR AND COORDINATOR A thorough knowledge of special effects, and action-coordination of trainers and motion picture wild animals. World-class rated rigger of stunts and difficult action sequences. *SECOND UNIT DIRECTOR



* World Record for the longest horse drag (Borateem Detergent commercial)

*World Record for the longest boat jump through an obstacle (Gator-the boat jump through the house)

* World's foremost stunt rigger

* World's top inventor and developer of stunt equipment (e.g., nitrogen-powdered air ratchets, air ram developer, electronic ratchets and high speed rams and cable retrievers, moving push and pull high-speed turnover ramps.)

* Lifetime Member of the Rodeo Cowboys Association

* First Canadian inducted into the American Stuntmen Hall of Fame

*Appeared on-screen twice at the Academy Awards (Chinatown, Bound for Glory)