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Who is Who In Logan's Run

This page will feature pictures, information, and other appearances of the various cast from the movie, and later the TV series, Logan's Run.
Special thanks to Mark Taylor for contributing many of the pictures. Last update 2-10-01 This page is just getting started.

Denny Arnold visit a page all about this talented person!

Deleted Runner

Denny Arnold died in Vancouver BC on Dec 31st 2001. At his memorial service there were still shots of the scene where he was air racheted backwards into the fountain. He was proud of the scene and never did see it on film.

His part was cut short when the beginning sequence of the movie was completely deleted. They were very nice and left his credit in the movie. He was in the X-files in Season 3 #5 playing "The Key Guard" in the episdoe called The List. he also did stuntwork in a ton of movies including A Boy and His Dog, X-Men and Alligator II: The Mutation! He was in over 400 films commercials and Tv series. 3 world records {1 Worlds Longest horse drag (seen in Borateen commercial) 2 Worlds longest boat jump through an object (seen in Gator w Burt Reynolds, were the boat jumped through a shack) 3 Worlds longest jump with a car (from a Live show)} and the inventor of the device(air ratchet) which pulled him backwards into the fountain.

Richard Jordan

Francis 7

Michael York

Logan 5


Baby #1


Baby #2


Balding Red Man

This person appears in almost every large group scene shot in the DNC. he has no lines, but deserves a credit as the most ambitious extra. He mamages to be in the right spot to be on camera many many times. Perahps there should be a 'drinking game' invented around his appearances.


Angry Man Who is Going To Run

New You Woman
Yet another character cut from the film.

MAN Well? How do you like it?
WOMAN (critically) I don't know. The cheeks maybe... look a little -
Cheeks? Cheeks? Right. Too much, you think?
WOMAN Too little.
MAN Too little? (gestures) Too little. Okay, wait for me.
And he darts back into NEW YOU #483. The woman shrugs, glances around, smiles and goes off with a passer-by.


"Yes" Girl

No longer appearing in the film this girl only had one line in the movie. She served to tantalize audience members into wondering what delights went on inside the Love Shop.

Signs promising LOVE, FULFILLMENT, RARE DELIGHTS. People streaming in and out.
A woman comes out looking glazed, breathing"yes...yes..." As she passes CAMERA Logan
and Francis emerge from the crowd and CAMERA moves with them.


Wild Yellow #1


Wild Yellow #2


Wild Yellow #3

Ann Ford

Woman on Lastday
She has several lines. Her sequence also involved another character. A girl whos turn it was at the Love Shop. her character serves to introduce how the citizens in the city relate to Carousel. This event we are about to see. How it effect the lives of the citizens.


Woman on Loveshop turn
her character did not survive the editing process. She was deleted from the film even before the preview screening.
Another beautiful WOMAN joins them.

                     2ND WOMAN (to the first) 
			Sorry I won't be at Carousel tonight. 
			It's  my Love-Shop turn.
That's all right. Happy turn.

Roger Borden

Daniel (a Sandman)

The character of Daniel in early drafts of the screenplay was another major character. The first runner was originaly going to be killed by Daniel. Later the sequence was given to Francis. Daniel still managed to get in a few lines, but they were mostly cut out of the finished movie.

Bill Blake

Carousel audience member


Girl on Logan's left


Girl on right of Francis


Possible Seed Mother #1


Possible Seed Mother #2


Possible Seed Mother #3

Help me with a pic of these three!

Glenn R. Wilder

Great Hall Runner (also a stunt co-ordinator)

Stickman #1

On location actor in Texas.

Stickman #2

Someone suggested that the second stickman is simply a bluescreen copy of the first stickman. This may be so but bluescreen work is difficult and was probably shot in hollywood. While both of these long shot stickman could be the same person, it is doubtful that the one shot on location is the same person.

?? David Westberg?

David also was in Genesis II as "Station Operator: in the 1973 Gene Rodenbery pilot and a s a "State Trooper" in They Only Kill Their Masters.

A Sandman (cut by the cubs)
Another character who serves to foreshadow events to come, but luckily was not cut from the finished film. In this scene he warns of being cut by the cubs. Logan suggests that he get a new face at the New You where he is already going for repairs.


Man on Circuit

Jenny Agutter

Jessica 6

?? Candice Rialson

Screamer #1


Screamer #2

Bob Neill

1st Sanctuary Man

Most recently was the voice of NASA in the 2000 movie Red Planet. He also played Guard #2 in Tron and played Eric Smith in the TV Movie The Man With The Power. However I remeber him form his role of Eric in the Six Million Dollar Man episode "Dark Side Of The Moon" and he also had minor parts in two other episodes. He does a ton of animation voice-overs and characters.

Randolph Roberts ??

2nd Sanctuary Man

Played Chuck Cunningham on Happy Days during the first season. Was on Gunsmoke a few times.

Camilla Carr

Sanctuary Woman

She also starred in a lot of movies made in Texas. Usually horror movies. Don't Look in the Basement, Poor White Trash Part II, and the wierdest of all was Keep My Grave Open.. in which she played both a male and female role. Most recently she had a guest spot on an Designing Women episode form 1987 and has been writing screenplays foe TV movies including Escape from Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story and Crimes of Passion: Nobody Lives Forever.

Greg Michaels ?

3rd Sanctuary Man/Ambush Man

He has done quite a lot of sci-fi TV work lately form X-files and Melinnium to Highlander, Stargate, and even an episode of So Wierd.


Woman yanked out of maze car.

This scene was filled in Hollywood and not on location so she must have been a California extra.


Unknown Sandman


Unknown Sandman

Michelle Stacy

Mary 2

She went on to have another famouse science fiction role as the daughter of Proteus in Demon Seed. You can also see her in Airplane! as the "Young Girl With Coffee."

Gary Morgan

Charming Billy

Usually a stuntman or stunt coordinator he went on a year or so later to be the man inside the kangaroo suit in Matilda. More recently he played a man in a bear suit on an episode of That's My Bush.

Greg Lewis ??

Cub (Major Cub #1) ??

Has played a lot of sci-fi roles including Mannager of the Locker Room in The Running Man, Gotee Doctor #1 in Reposessed. He has also appeared on Power Rangers,


Cub (Major Cub #2)


Minor Cub #1


Minor Cub #2


Minor Cub #3


Minor Cub #4

?? Chuck Gaylord

Minor Cub #5

?? Mitch Gaylord

Minor Cub #6

Mitch Gaylord won four medals at the l984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles--a gold in Team event, a silver in Vaulting, and bronze medals in both Rings and Parallel Bars. Chuck is his brother, and is also a gymnast.



Minor Cub #7


Minor Cub #8

Lara Lindsay

Woman Runner (also the computer voice and the assistant to the producer on this movie.

Also in 1968's Boston Strangler as Bobbie Eden and The Sweet Ride as Martha.

Farrah Fawcett

Holly 13

Aside form playing three different characters on The Six Million Dollar Man, she also apeared in an episode of Jonny Bravo as her own voice. She also was in two episoded of I Deam Of Jeanie and of course who could forget her in Saturn 3?

Laura Hippe

Woman Customer

Evidently she had a few lines which were cut out of the movie. Also was in the movie Mausoleaum as Cora Nomed (who turns out to be the evil demon at the end) She later commited suicide in 1985 in Hollywood. One perosn wrote int to tell me that the newspapers of the day claimed that her joining the church of Scientology had something to do with it, but I have yet to see the clippings.


Male New You Customer

Michael Anderson Jr.



Frightened Red

Ok who is this guy and how did he get picked for this part? He certainly looks frightened. I need a better picture of this guy.


Love Shop Woman with object

Since she is the only person to apear for any length of time on the screen she is in this list.

Roscoe Lee Browne


More recently he played the voice of Kingpin on the 1995 animated Spiderman series. He was Dr. Raleigh Young in the "Devils Widdow" episdoe of SeaQuest DSV. He also played in the Tv version of Planet of the Apes as Hurton in the episode Tomorrow's Tide. He was in the CBS James Mitchner's Space miniseries and had a regular role on the Visionaries cartoon.


Frozen Woman #1


Frozen Man #1


Frozen Woman #2


Frozen Man #2


Frozen Woman #3


Frozen Woman #4



Frozen ??

This person was on the far end of the line. Looking for a picture still!



Frozen ??

This person was on the far end of the line. Looking for a picture still!

Peter Ustinov

Old Man

The last of the major characters to be introduced in the movie.


Grabing Sandman #1



Grabing Sandman #2



Sandman who gets shot


Sandman who survives

Ashley Cox

Timid Girl

Does not have a speaking part in the finished film, but gets a credit anyhow. Perahps she had a brief line? I am unclear about this. If she did, it was not used in the final move. Here she is reaching to touch the cracks on the Old Man's face.

Playbot playmante of the month in December of 1977. She alos played Candy in the really odd 1981 movie Looker in which she was directed by Michael Crichton. She had a small part in the Maxwell Smart movie The Nude Bomb. Her last role was in the 1982 movie Night Shift where she played Jenny Lynn.


Saluting extra

Extra giving "Spock" salute at the end of the movie. Somthing wich could have easily been edited out was one extra raising his hand in front of the camera and giving the Star Trek sign for Live Long and Prosper. Most likely somone who was living in the Fort Worth area at the time.

Other people which still need to be identified!

Johnny Haymer ? died November 18, 1989 Alos played Sargent Zelmo Zale on mash form 1977-1979 Could he be one of the people frozen in the ice?

Candice Rialson ? Could she be one of the screamers?

David Westberg Sandman? Ok which one is David?

Bill Couch Sandman (also a stunt co-ordinator)

Johnny Timko ? also appeared on Battlestar Galactica playing "Puppis" in the episode, "The Lost Warrior" (episode # 1.3) 10/8/1978 Hmmm maybe he was a yellow who ran into logan? Or a cub. He also played "Boy" in the 1979 movie Prophecy. He also appeard in an episode of Lost Saucer in 1975.