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Logan's Run on DVD!

Well it finally happened. I was at a Fry's Electronics in Sunnyvale and found Logan's Run is out on DVD. So I of course picked up a copy. Then I had to buy a DVD player to go with it. I was surprised when I inserted the disk into the machine and a very well done set of graphics appeared. There was even a guide to the life clocks and their age. Accessing secondary audio tracks was easy as a menu selection. The only thing missing was the bit from the second featurette and all the still frame info from the deluxe laser disk. The transfer seemed to be from a print which was not as good, but perhaps that was just my imagination. Well worth buying. I was surprised by the amount of work which went into making it an the other few disks I have tried. The full color booklet which came with the DVD version was really well put together.

Strangely enough I have seen hidden features in DVD intros before 9the best being the Evil screen in Austin Power II) but here is a 'trick' for the Logna's Run DVD..


Highlight the "Special Features" option at the main menu. Press Left or Right to highlight the crystal being held by one of the characters. Press Enter to view a hidden screen. It is sort of silly. but something you might not have noticed.

There is also a newer version in a white carbdoard box which features most of the same content plus a "Pan and Scan" verison of the movie as well as the widescreen version. Get your copy today!