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There were three novels, and a fourth unfinished novel. The first novel, Logan's Run, was written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. This novel was first published in a hardbound version (By Dial press(shown below on the left)) and then shortly thereafter in a paperback version by Dell books. The early paperback is fairly common in used book stores. It has a cover with a large hand and some rather scribbily art. This novel was reprinted numerous time in paperback. At last check it has gone through 16 printings! The book is currently out of print, but easy to find at used book stores.

The back of the first paperback printing featured the following blurb:

The Youth Rebellion Had Triumphed...

The young long since had taken over the Earth. Sex, drugs, kicks were unlimited. But the trip from grove to grave was quick. No one was allowed to live past 21.

Logan was a Sandman, one of the elite police who hunted those who refused to accept their fate. Then logan turned 21-and suddenly he was desprately running, searching, in a world of cities beneath the sea, frozen artic prison colonies, great hollowed-out mountains, abandoned cities...

... through a labyrinth of terror that lay between him and saftey . . . between him and ultimate triumph...

The 1969 Science Fiction
Club printing (British)

The first book is far different from either of the two books, or anything else for that matter, that followed it. The book featured the exploits of Logan, a sandman who worked in one of the many cities in the future. There were no domed cities, though many elements of the book wound themselves into the movie in one way or another. One of the stops on their many adventures is the frozen prison called Hell which is ruled over by a half machine half robot warden named Box. In the book Logan and Jessica are far more developed characters than they are on the screen (either bog or small) following a underground railroad of mazecars and shady characters on a quest to get to Sanctuary, which ends up in a rocket ride from Florida.
The book makes for a wonderful read which is segmented up into several parts. The book is also a lot more racy than you might think and has some wonderful prose like writing that oozes off the page in a very unusual 60's style. With the youth 'revolution' just around the next corner this sort of prophetic novel must have sounded a lot more plausible back then. Also one rare bool club version was printed without any of the racy, sexy parts in it!

The cover of the book changed several times before and during the release of the movie the cover featured Jessica in a tattered looking green dress. This was later changed in favor of a more revealing, and much taller, Jessica in a sparkling white dress. Shown above are the 1st and 10th Bantam printings. Also, some versions of the book has a 16 page color insert of photographs from the movie, while later Bantam printings did not.

There was also a Corgi version of the first novel for those of you who collect Corgi books a ture collectors dream! It took me a while to get the image of this up. Sorry for the three year delay! The second and third novels, Logan's World and Logan's Search, were both written by William F. Nolan. On the righe is the three and one soft bound priting from the early 90's

In the early 90's Dove released a two cassette version of Logan's Run as read by the author Willima F. Nolan. This was a nice adaptaion and only cut things when necessary. The cover was printed with a meatlic silver ink which made getting a good scan of it hard. I have never seen another one of these either at flea markets or used books stores making me think that it did not recieve all that much distribution (at least on the west coast). I highly reccomend it if you can find a copy. My wife and I listened to it while on our honeymoon.

George Clayton at one time was working on a sequel set between the first and second novels. This sequil, tenatively called Jessica's Run was told trhough the eyes of a unique character, and each chapter of the book was represented as a tarrot card dealt by the books narrator. I have a lot more information on this including a brief exceprt I will have to dig out. The last i heard this book was about 1/3 done and that was back in the early 1980's

The second novel "Logan's World" was released in 1976 and has much the same flavor as the original. This booke attempted to set the sotry after the fall of the thinker and the breakdown of society. Thus tying the world of the book and the movie together more closely.

However the third book, released in 1980, has more of the feeling of a cross between the movie and television series. Logan's Search is the hardest to find of the three paperbacks having only the initial printing. All three of the novels were then reprinted in a trilogy volume that seems to have been printed in hardbound by a vanity press? This volume featured a long introduction (current of the time of the writing of the book) by Nolan as well as cover art by Mr. Nolan. This was later re-printed in softbound with a very dramatic cover. (shown above on the right)
Nolan also wrote a treatment for the Logan's Run television (the Thunder Gods (aslo known as the Thunder Sentinels)) series that was never produced, but was later serialized in the Logan's Run Organization Of Fans (LROOF) newsletter The Circuit. Later Nolan went on to adapt the first two novels to the comic form. Wonderful writing, really bad artist! See the
comics page for more information.

In 2000 Willialm F. Nolan took the plunge into the workd of electronic publishing and put out the first three novels and a new Logan novella called Logan's Return. This novella was in Adobe PDF format. In the fall of 2001 Mr. Nolan pulled the plug on his workd coming out of the Virtual Publishing group and currently all four stories are out of print. In the fall of 2001 Mr. Nolan self published a manuscript of Logan's Return. Each copy was signed and adorned with a drawing of logan by the Author. Shown above, for historical purposes, is one of the advertisemnts banners (there were several designs) promoting the novella, Logan's Return.

William F. Nolan has also written two Sam Space novels. I highly reccomend them. Space for Hire (1971) and Make Room For Space (1987). Also of note is a fantastic horror anthology of some of William F. Nolan's 'ripping' yarns called Dark Universe. Published in 2001 by Stealth Press, this book covers 50 years of stories and you cna really see Mr. Nolan's stule grow and change as the world changed around him. of special note is The Party which is still fascinating after all these years. Read the review here.