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Created 3-22-03
Updated 3-22-03

One of my more recent projects was a flier for a room party at a convention. The theme of the convention was Hollywood.. we were at the Burbank Hilton.. Anyhow I decided to make my flier like a movie poster of sorts. So I picked Logan's Run. The city was a bit limited. I really only did the one finished image.. just the one for the background. For it I created the pyramid buildings, the resedential buildings, a sort of ugly arcade and a Carousel building. Since most of it would never be seen I did not create the entire city.

First I had to map out where the water would go. After that I had to build and place the buildings and then add in the maze tubes.

My original scribble as to what the finished image would look like. Compare it to the finsihed image here.

My scribble map. I now know the water goes around the back of Arcade a bit and behind DSHQ as well.

The image was created in Bryce.
Bryce is a rather nifty and easy to learn program designed for creating landscapes. However it excels at making simple scenes very quickly.

The partial city as seen from above. Note the lake is way too big. No dome made the water look too light

One of the pyramid buildings rendered without the dome in the daylight

The residental building close up with the dome rendered in. Only made to be seen from far away this building went unfinished

The finished image was going to be rendered to represent the nightime destruction of the city. A small set was added in front so that the characters would ahve a place to stand. The characters were created in 3 different programs. Organica (a modeler) Poser and Animation Master.

The finished background pic

That pic with the set for the characters added in.

The finished Sandfox

The Flamegun, belt, and follower were created and rendered in Bryce. The palm crystals were rendered in green and red. I just reused the crystal fromt he top of the Carousel building.

The finished flier image is on display here.

With the recent interest in the CGI city I have decided to start working on a much more accurate version of the city. My first project is the Sandman HQ

More Soon!

More Soon!

Shown here with some temp water and ground is the new DSHQ.

For the new DSHQ I decided to use an old 3-D tick of combining 2 flat tree pictures in an x shape. It makes a 3-D looking tree which looks 3-D from all angles without adding a ton of pollygons. It does tend to cast some odd shadows though. Anyhow using this process created a tree which does not slow down rendering as much as a polygon based tree trunk, branchs, and leaves would. The ground and water as just there to give an idea of what it will look like in the final project.

More as I can find the time.