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Logan's Run Fandom

Logan fandom is a very unusual bunch of fen. Some of theme are downright odd. Some of us are obsessed! Most often in media fandom the fans tend to relate to the heroes of the tale (another notable exception was "V") rather than the 'villains'. Logan fandom centered, for the most part, around the villains. The evil and despotic Sandmen were often elevated to hero status in fanish writings which often glorified the police state. Logan's Run fans are NOT call "Logies" as referred to in one episode of the Wonder Woman television show, which is well worth watching for all the silly convention antics, even though it was never quite that silly. Well maybe it was. There were a lot of interesting Logan's Run fan related projects over the years.

Dear City of Domes

Enjoyed your site very very much, even though you took umbrage to my reference to "Logies" in a Wonder Woman script I penned many years ago.

I've long been a fan of Logan and was happy that we could include Logan references in that show. I had witnessed a "run" at a sci-fi convention held at the Bonvenature Hotel in Los Angeles and was absolutely fascinated by it. The WW producer, Bruce Lansbury, was able to pull some favors from the producer of Dallas producer(who has been a producer on the Logans TV series) and we were able to get several costumes and such, and Warner Bros legal dept okayed our use of Logan references which was great (especially since they wouldn't allow us to costume our lead as or refer to Superman yet Warner Bros OWNED DC Comics).

LA fan Bill Blake lent the use of his flamegun, and director Ivan Dixon took a film crew to sci-fi convention held at the LA convention Center to capture some stock footage to use (most of this is usually trimmed for commercials when aired).

Ever now and then I see some Logan's runner costume or the like on E-Bay and am sorely tempted to buy.

--Bill Taylor


The Wonder Woman episode featuring the Logan fans at a convention ("Spaced Out"), will be shown on the Sci-Fi Channel in the

US on Thursday, April 26th at 8AM EST 2001

Oops it is over.

I will mention again when it is on next.

Framegrabs soon!

The Fans

This section features various members of Logan fandom.

Bill Blake and Friends
Bill Blake not only was a huge fan of the movie but he also was in the movie! Not only that but he made some of the best prop repros ever! If that were not enough he created his only parody movie called Logan's Trot! More recently he restored an original maze car from the movie!

No picture yet

Virtual Vikki (creator of this web site)
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The Clubs


The Logan's Run Organization of Fans 1976-1980
The first Logan's RUn fan club this club had a greta newsletter with a column by William Nolan and some great features including a movie novelization taken from the advance preview screening.

Newest Update 10-24-01

The United Sandmen 1977-1986
This club had a monthly newsletter the Sentinel Informer and a mamoth anual fanzine called Sandman Sentinel.

 Newest Update 9-1-01

Other Publications

There were a lot of other fanzine and publications over the years. Information can be found by clicking on the above link.

Fan Fiction


By Jackie Taylor

Interesting Projects

Logan's Marathon started out as a conversion for the Marathon I game from Bungie Software. While working on it Marathon II was released with a completely different graphics engine. Marathon I was a Mac only product. Since they were basically incompatible graphics wise a set for the second Marathon was never completed. This set was never completed. What was finished? Well, the character models for the basic runner girl. (who replaced the "Bob's" ) Marathon I used an unusual color cycling to change the color so the girl below could be shown in green, pinkish red and yellow. How appropriate!

The Sandmen replaced the basic alien foot soldiers. Most interesting to watch was the Sandmen run around terminating the runner girls. It was rather creepy. A few basic textures and maps were created. An attempt was made to put Box into the character set, but it did not work well. There was a mostly full set of sounds. I will figure out a way of getting some screen shots!

Some of the many frames that brought this 'runner girl' to life in Logan's Marathon. Art By Erlinda Hallock