Other Publications

Other Publications

The Logan's Run / Logan's World Lexicon

The Logan's Run / Logan's World Lexicon was edited and Compiled by Janelle Holmes. This 18 page dittoed (that is right purple fading ink and all) tome was a really nice guide to understanding the first two books. Well written and arranged in alphabetical order with references to the corresponding pages in the paperbacks. It also includes a few illustrations.

The Logan's Run Reference Book

I bought my copy form an advertisement in the back of an old issue of The Circuit. This tome contains 195 terms from the film Logan's Run. It is 23 pages long. and covers everything form Abbot, L. B. to York Michael. The copy I have is the Third Printing. It also says Volume 1 on the front but I am not aware of a second volume. This was written by Paul McComas who obviously put a lot of work into it. While there are pictures on t he cover the inside contains 26 cartoon like illustrations.

A college science fiction club in Michigan produced several issues of "Steam Tunnels Quarterly" which had a very high Logan's Run content. Sandman Sentinel author and long time Logan fan Dan Helmick served as editor (at least on these two issues) . The blue issue's caption under the photograph of Box in the ice caves reads "Guided tours of the extensive climate control system underneath the Library provide the hilight to any visit to the campus" This was produced by the MSU Science Fiction Society.

The 23rd Century was the name of another fanzine that came out around 1977. For some reason no one liked to put dates on things back in the 1970's. This is the cover of Vol 1 No. 2 I am not sure if there were further issues or not. It appears that the editor, Edwark Novak, worked hard on it for a one man operation. This issue had a transcript of the TV pilot movie taking up most of the issue and a "What If" story where Francis joined up with Logan and Jessica to fight the system, though this was interesting it was less than one page and to be continued to boot!

There was one other Logan's Run fanzine which I do not have bout would love to see a copy of. I did not even know it it ever came out but it was mentioned in the Circuit #3. It was called Carousel and was published by Betty Jean Browning of Salt Lake City , Utah. Any information would be welcome! I am assuming it was a fairly large fanzine published in 1977

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