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Updated 5-27-02

Nerf Balls remain popular in the future!
"Glittering, crowded. Throngs of people moving
on many levels, some walking, some on moving
platforms. It's The Great White Way, LunaPark
you name it. Gaudy booths and entrances,
featuring every delight -- too much to take
in at a glance."

Can you spot "Balding Red Guy?"

As Logan and Francis pass by the New You a woman reacts to the 'new face' her boyfriend just got for her. She does not think it is quite right and after he goes back in, she wanders away. Her sequence was another of many deleted from the film.

The Halaucimill. On the floor directly below the 'relive' sign
As they pass by the Love Shop a woman comes out moaning "Yes! Yes!" Her sequence was also cut out of the movie. thus we do not get introduced to the Love Shop or what it is until much later in the movie.

Arcade contains several of the key locations in the story. The New You, which was going to be shown early on, but that sequence was removed, the "Halucimill", the Relive which does appear in the movie and can be seen to the right of Jessica's head in the picture on the right, and the Love Shop were all going to be introduced during this sort of back story / location montage.

On the way to the "Halucimill" for their 'lift' Logan and Francis deliver some back story. This was originally split up over a period of time as we encountered some other inhabitants of the city, but they were all (with the exception of the red who bumps into Francis) later cut.

Deleted scene.

Courtsey of Eric Popejoy

People have long wondered where they yellow ball thing was. Well guess what. Well still don't know. It was in the trailer,eaturette advacen preview, but always out of context. It does show in one brief scene in the movie. Now here it is in the Halucimill window. And now you still don't know the rest of the story!
The Yellow balls only apear at one point in the movie. When Logan is being taken to be killed. It is seen over this guys shoulder. It aoriginally appeared whne Logan and Francis were walking through arcade as Francis suggested Logan partake of a 'crazy lift" With the deletion of drug references, this sequence vanished.
Those darn yellow balls!
I think this shot is from what was behind the set.
All ready for a Crazy Lift!

Deleted scene

Looking close at the window with the yellow balls perhaps they are commercial coin operated clothes dryers with nerf balls inside?

Since most of the drug referneces were cut from the film the exterior of the Halucimil was built and apears in the background of a few shots, but not to the extent it was mentioned or used in the original screenplay. Shown here two 23rd Century women pose in front of the reflective wall of the outside of the Relive Shop. This set was one floor up form the Halaucimil. The shop offereing 'Crazy Lift" is on the other side of the location from both the Relive and the Halucamil.