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Updated 6-20-02

Storyboard sketches of the Carousel sequence.

In early versions of the screenplay the 'sleep' sequences were retained from the novel. In this sequence a person on lastday would report to a sleep shop where they would be 'put to sleep'. Since the movie was being kicked around for so long this element actually found its way into another movie Soylent Green. Not wanting to repeat themselves it was decided to invent a new spectacle. The idea of this sequence was that some of the people riding the carousel would touch the crystal at the top and be reborn as new citizens. Thus there was a 'chance' at life after 30. However most of the people on Carousel did not renew, but were vaporized. Actually all of them were killed as it was just a plot device to give doomed citizens a feeling of control.


Also during this sequence is one of the 'mistakes' in the movie. If you watch as the participants enter the arena they are not wearing gloves, but shortly after they remove their robes they are suddenly wearing gloves.


As Logan and Francis are sitting in carousel the spectacle is interrupted so we do not get to see if any of them actually get high enough to touch the crystal.


In 1980 and again in 1991 I had the chance to catch up with professional Stunt Woman Paula Crist, who was one of the people blown up on Carousel several times, and interview her about her work on this sequence for Sandman Sentinel #11's unreleased videotape.

96 x 67

Courtsey of Eric Popejoy
Note the number of Sandmaen at Carousel!

The crowd goes wild!

I wonder if in the future Halmark has a section on "You're Renewed" cards?

Logan's celebration of Carousel is cut short
when his tracker beeps and he leaves to hunt
down another of those pesky runners.

Carousel Memories

New 1-14-00 Professional stunt woman Paula Crist rembers back to her days as a stunt woman on the Carousel sequence in Logan's Run the movie. This Real Video clip is 3.6 mb in size. You can click here to view it online (about 14 minutes long). This segement was taped on August 8th 1990 at Unicon ( a fantactic convention) held in the bay area. Taped for the Sandman Sentinel #11 videotape project, this interview gives a lot of insight into the behind the scenes aspect of Logan's Run as weel as speaking the the heavily cut Carousel explosion and escape sequence. The interview segemnt was originaly edited with pictures and some footage from the movie to illustrate the concepts and sequences she was talking about.

Courtsey of Robert Yancey
Huge file! from a 4x5
Operating the Carousel!
96 x 48
96 x 70
The explosions were triggered by the
people on the wires. Note the trigger
switch in the right hand.


Early Carousel force field efect
Later, primitive CGI was filmed off a TV.
Its disco time in the 23rd centure!
Part of the lighting rig for the Carousel sequence

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