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Updated 3-22-2003

Miniature top. Location bottom.

The Zale Building/DSHQ

A Sandman cut up by the cubs.

The lobby / First National Building

The set of DSHQ in Hollywood

The Thinker

Above: This picture shows off the City of Domes interesting cloud formations. Must be very steamy under those domes!

Right: member of the press wander through a partialy finished DSHQ control room on the way to a fashon show.

The outside of DS HQ proved to be a problem. It had an annoying tendency to have clouds reflected off of it. In a few shots in the movie you can see clowds reflected off some of the glass in the doors. They matted in a miniature in a few long shots as well.

The Thinker as seen in an early piece of conceptual art.

96 x 76

Director Michael Anderson

Producer Saul David

While the actual HQ was a set the lobby was one actual building while the outside used was another.

Huge pic form a 4x5

DSHQ Lobby

Although she never apeared on this set in this costume it is a very nice picture of Jenny and Michael on the set. behind Logan you can see the Lifeclocks in what was described in the script as the Hall of Lifeclocks. I have seen the future and it is filled with neon tubing!

96 x 74

96 x 74

96 x 74
More pictures of DSHQ!

Is that Sandman making personal calls on company time?

Logan looks on as a runner is hunted down in the 'Power Center' and then terminated. Perhaps this map just shows that part of the city? Or not as the miniatures were shot far later on than this scene.

This map was yet another use of blacklights in the movie. Simple paint and black light made this map glow. Lights were placed to the sides and above the map.

When Logan signals later in the moive his position is located on the left side of the same map. Perhaps Runner HQ is located near the power center. You can also see the black light lighting up the map!

MGM invited the press onto the actual sets while therey were being constructed for a preview of the movie and a fashon show of the future. they ended up in the DSQH Thinker set where they set up a catwalk.

Thank god there was not a lot of twirling around in this movie!

Of special interest was a different version of a Sandman Uniform featuring a far different grey stripe pattern that what we eventually saw in the finished movie.


In DSHQ Logan drops off the items he gathered form the runner he killed in the Great Hall. The computer recognizes the Ankh and tells Logan that he will track down the missing runners by becoming one of them. The computer changes Logan's crystal so that he is now on last day. On the way out of DSHQ he tries to talk to Francis, but Francis brushes him off.

Design used in some marvel comic stories
The Huntsman in Bizare Adventures #2

Logan has jessica brought to his apartment. in the original film she is escorted in by a Sandman who has a brief line. Logan feeds her some line about how it is different now because he is blinking. Strange, he seemd some bent on Carousel just the day before. This is the only scene where jessca wears this outfit.

The runners plot Logan's demise.

Horror actress Camilla Carr in green.

German Loby Card

Camilla Carr also apeared in a lot of horror movies. Check her out in Scum of the Earth (aka Poor White Trash Part 2) as Sarah Pickett, as Harriet in Don't Look In The Basement, and as both Lesley Fontaine and Kevin in Keep My Grave Open. My theory is that she lived in Texas and they looked for local talent to be in the movie.

The Burton Park Building location

Courtsey of Robert Yancey

Infomation about the location

A long shot of the location. Note people watching.
Who sent this in? Let me know!
Jessica agrees to help lure logan to where he can be killed. On the way to be killed Logan gets a call he has to take and heads off for Cathedral section with Jessica in tow. This is her final cosxtume change (unless you count the tattered version from the end) in the movie.

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