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Updated 3-22-03

Logan decides that going to see the runners might be a bad idea with Francis on his tail, so he decides to go to the New You shop back in Arcade for a new face.

66 x 96

96 x 75

Below: New You set under construction.

This picture is from when Logan hits Francis in the head with the gun. Notice the matress behind Jessica for Francis to fall on!

Courtsey of Mark Taylor

I have forgotten this woman's name.
Evidenty she was in a few other movies and
TV shows. Later on she committed suicide
after joining the Chruch of Scientology.

Holly 13 is the receptionist at New You #148.
Her part was changed a lot from earlier drafts
of the
script where she wanted to watch while
Logan was cut to ribbons.

Courtsey of Robert Yancey

96 x 65

Deleted scene from the New You?
Perhaps while waiting for Doc.

Courtsey of Robert Yancey

Ernest Laslo

Courtsey of Mark Taylor

Courtsey of Mark Taylor

The pic of Jessica wearing vampire fangs standing over Doc's body was one of the many 'pranks' played on the set.

Courtsey of Eric Popejoy

96 x 73

Courtsey of Eric Popejoy

96 x 67

You are in good hands at the New You!

Logan and Jessica flee the New You leaving Doc in pieces and Holly sitting on the floor. Jessica tells Logan to stay close and they run off for the Love Shop. I think that line was dubbed in later as it does not seem to match her action. In the pic to the left you can see them running through Arcade just passing the Halucimill which I think was on a different floor.


There is the 'Balding Red Man' again!
Watch the movie as Francis shoves him out of the way!

Taking direction...

Francis exits the New You in search of Logan!

I wonder how this extra got picked for this part?

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