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Updated 4-1-2002

Note scratch on arm?
Note breathing walls!
Avon callng!

Saul David on the Nursery set

In this new opening Logan 7 is looking in on a baby being cared for by machines. The sequence starts with a closeup on the crystal in the baby's palm which is white. This was a dissolve from the deleted opening where the crystal in the runner's hand is revealed. This sequence would have been a lot more interesting had it been kept just after the death of the runner in the residence pool. Still it shows that Logan is a human, perhaps more so than his partner Francis. This sequence was also cut somewhat to remove dialogue about the earlier sequence. The sequence was when first written had them looking in on Francis 8! I think it was showing the more human side of Francis. I assume changed it to make Logan more sympathetic.

More dialogue was also cut at the end about going and getting a 'crazy lift' to which Logan says "I'm with you Francis." at the end of the scene. There were a lot of drug references in the scripts which were cleaned up.

At the end of the sequence the two board a Maze Car ( a shot used in several of the TV commericals and one trialer but cut from the movie) and travel to Arcade

This opening really weakened the film from a costume standpoint. Seeing the colorful costumes before the stark black of the Sandmen would have added to their 'evil' nature. Then the nursery scene would have better shown Logan's human side.

96 x 70
96 x 76

Early conceptual art above, set under construction below.

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