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Great Hall Runner

Updated 3-22-03

Logan scanns for the runner.

Francis sneaks up on Logan.

Logan tells the runner to start running.

Did you hear him?

A nice long shot of the Great Hall.

Logan corners the runner on a balcony.

Although not shown in the film, the runner does climb to the third story of the great hall balconies. It is sort of unusual that they would cut this out. It is very obvious when he eventually falls to his death below that he is on the third story. Alos you can see this in the shot of Francis across the hall that they are near the top of the building. I guess that it took him a while to climb the vine and that it slowed the pace of the movie down a bit.

For a long time this sequence bothered me.
Now that I have watched it a few more times I see
it is just a problem with mismatched action.

If you note francis is shown in the back right.
He does all his shooting from across the great hall.

Because of the camera angle on Francis' face in
the closeups you might think he is just to
Logan's right side.

He is actually show in this shot shooting from
across the great hall. An amazing shot he made.
Those flameguns have quite a range on them!

96 x 76

Flameguns often miss!

A great stunt fall!

Upon finishing off the runner both Logan and Francis meet
up over the Runner's body. This is because Francis was on
the opposite balcony and had a lot farther to go to meet
up with Logan.

This photo perhaps shows them taking
directions. A nice pic of the back of Francis'
follower. Shows several screw holes.


A matte shot of the stickmen.

Check out the strings on this!


Logan returns home after several seleted shots and sequences. He picks up a control box and dials himself a person. At first he has a bit of difficulty, dialing up a man, but eventual dials up Jessica. Jessica rrives in a startling green number. Many viewers do not realize it but the citizens wore color coded clothing designed to go with the color of thier lifeclock.

Courtsey of Robert Yancey

Courtsey of Robert Yancey

Jessica says some things that get Logan's Sandman brain working.

She eventually leaves in a huff when Francis return with two screamers who then throws a drug globe up on the ceiling.

96 x 76
The above pictures are most of what I have of Jessica's interesting outfit from this sequence. Look for more in the Movie Gallery

In the 6th season of Star Trek The Next Generation in the episode Tapestry, Picard has an interesting sight outside of his window.
The perspective DS building which Logan had outside his apartment. On the left is how it looked in Logan's Run and on the right is how it looked in the STNG episode.

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