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Updated 12-29-01

Answering the call to duty, Logan avoids his fate. Jessica tags along. Back at DSHQ Francis thinks he may need some help. On the way Jessica and Logan have some time to talk.

Off to Cathedral!

Logan may need help.

Questioning things..

One of the few miniature sequences
they got right locationwise.

I've never been in this sector before.

What is that miniature?

Arriving at Cathedral (a reservation for violent deliquents) they have to open the door. Inside they meet Mary 2 who steals Jessica's jewelery. Then they see the female runner but before they can talk to her they are ambushed by a bunch of 'cubs' leand by "Charming Billy". Evidently scouting is not what is used to be! Most of the drug reference from the screenplay have been removed, or edited out so then Billy tries to give Logan 'Muscle' to see his body 'shake apart' it does not make all that much sense.

Mary 2 takes the bracelet

Surrounded by Cubs

"Muscle!" want this to be lastday?

Charming Billy decides to leave

96 x 75
96 x 75

Courtsey of Robert Yancey

After Billy leaves Jessica and Logan find the frightened runner woman. he gives her a canister of Blind gas to throw if any Sandmen find her. Unfortunately Francis is lurking in the shadows and after Logan finally has Jessica convnced he is running he complicates things by killing the runner. The two would-be assassins outside assume that Logan did all the killing and that Jessica was now a traitor.

One of the sequences removed from the script was that of a confusing mirror maze at the entrance to Cathedral. This was called The Dazzle Chamber. Cubs on muscle could not get through because traveling at their high speed they could not navigate the jagged mirrored surface. The set was built, but the director and lighting director realized it would not translate well on film. It was covered with the same material that the miniature of Arcade was covered with. That 1970's metalic sticker material which was, at the time, new and hugely expensive. No footage was shot on the set. I would love to have a photo of it!

A room of angled, reflecting surfaces. At one end a jagged corridor, also mirrored, leads away. The zigzag, angled effect creates an absolute confusion of images. but Logan leads her unhesitatingly across the chamber to the corridor. Jessica hangs back, momentarily certain she's about to smash into something.


"I'm not going to hurt you"


Logan and Jessics reach an understanding

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