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The Domes

Updated 2-10-2003

The film opens with a snorkle camera shot of a huge miniature of the outside of the city of domes which glow like jewels in the night.
This is not that shot! This was evidently created for the sequence on the way back from Washington. However I like it better than the film's opening shot!

96 x 66

The picture to the left is interesting. Clicking on it will reveal a nice picture of the entire city. Of particular interest are the buildings on the extreme right. What are these strange shaped buildings?

The City

Conceptual art for the City of Domes Courtsey of Mark Taylor

As the camera approaches the domes it dissolves to show the interior of the city. A huge miniature with a huge cyclorama in the background to make it look like it goes even farther. If you look in the picture above you can see a mazecar tube running in the back of the picture. This was actually a tube attached to the flat background to give it a more 3-D look. It looks so odd as I think they used the exact same sized tube instead of a smaller one.

Since it was dark outside the city should have been shown in 'night mode' but for some unknown reason it was shown as daytime inside the city. The screenplay was written this way. It should have looked during the opening as it does above. By the time Francis and Logan leave Nursery it is night according to the script. How dark can it get in the future? This miniature, for the time, was amazing and the photography of it was great as well.

96 x 76

Lobby Card Picture!

Above pic courtsey of Robert Yancey

96 x 39
Ooops! The pic on the left is printed backwards! Sorry!

Unused matte shot showing
people on balconies!

Reversed angle (saving $$)

Courtsey of Mark Taylor

Giants walk the earth!

Shooting with the snorkel cam.

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