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Updated 7-1-05

Opening Deleted Scene in MPEG (Courtsey of Mark Taylor)
Mark Taylor has worked very hard to restore bits and pieces of the deleted opening sequence into a MPEG file which you can download and enjoy. In this scene the runner is fleeing through the city. he is in a maze car. It stops on a rooftop and lets him out. He goes into an elevator and decends. That is where this scene starts. The runner thinks he may have gotten away but he is being tracked by Francis who leaps down form a balcony. The crowd parts and Francis blasts the runner who falls into a residence pool. Made from different clips from all three theatrical trailers the only part missing is the scene where the crowd turns and applauds the sandman and the cemera zooms in on the black crystal which disolves into the next scene of the infants hand with a white crystal. This MPEG clip is just under 4mb in size and well worth the download time!

The Houston Hayatt served as the locations for most of the deleted opening. A great place to stay while visiting Logan's Run locations these pictures were taken in late 1997 during a publishing conference. The elevators at the end of the atrium were used.

The film originally had a far different opening than it does to day but evidently it did not play well to test audiences, and was later removed. Above you can find a MPEG movie of this sequence. In this sequence a man gets out of a maze car and jumps into an elevator. This shot of the outside of the elevator apears in the trailer, so I am assuming it was the elevator the runner was in. Strangely enough its removal means that in the future escalators will replace elevators!

The runner in that segment was Denny Arnold He just died in Vancouver BC on Dec 31st 2001.

At his memorial service there were still shots of the scene where he was air racheted backwards into the fountain. He was proud of the scene and never did see it on film.

He was in over 400 films commercials and Tv series. 3 world records and the inventor of the device( air ratchet) which pulled him backwards into the fountain. Read more about him on the Denny Arnold page.

He is running and enters a courtyard looking ever more nervous. Francis is seen as being almost casual about the hunt.

In the original drafts of the script the sandman was a nameless character who was shown in the shadows. Later drafts of the script had the Sandman Daniel (who apears briefly in the Great Hall scene with Logan and Francis as they laugh as a joke is told. the joke is cut from the movie but the laugh at the end is not.) terminating the first runner. Later his part in the move was significantly shortened (down to just a few lines) and Francis got the honor of terminating the first runner.

Eventually Francis jumps down over a balcony to the level
where the runner is and the crowd clears a path.

96 x 56

Francis raises his gun and the frightened man is killed. The crowd then surrounds Francis and applauds. It was nice that this runner got a screen credit as he had no lines, and did not even appear in the finished film. He does show up in both trailers (teaser and regular)

The runner gets what is coming to him!

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