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The Great Hall

Updated 12-29-2001

Note the people on the balconies.

One of the key sequences cut out here was that of Francis encountering a woman friend of his who was going on Carousel. She explains why some people are going on Carousel.

A lot of sequences were cut out or simply not filmed. You can read about some of the script changes. View changes in the Screenplay from April 30th 1975

96 x 67

While Francis and Logan talk to the "Blinking Woman" as she is refered to, another woman comes up to join them. She tells the "Blinking Woman" that she can not go to watch her try for renewal on Carousel as it is her turn in the Love Shop. The "Blinking Woman" wishes her a "happy turn" as she leaves to go to the Love Shop. In some versions of the script there is a scene where we then see the Love Shop as Francis and Logan walk by. In this scene a woman emerges saying "Yess! Yes!!" This scene was also filmed.

Courtsey ofRobert Yancey


Courtsey of Eric Popejoy

Some amazing pictures showing
off the size of the Great Hall location.

In the 23rd Century people still read newspapers and find time to watch TV.

75 x 96
96 x 65
96 x 74

Courtsey of Robert Yancey

Restored Sequence in MPEG
Updated sequence edited by Mark Taylor adds a scene from the featurette and sound effects combined with a B&W still of Logan and Francis getting run into by the cubs to lengthen this sequence. Does anyone have a color picture of the cubs knocking into Francis?

This brief clip was from a deleted scene. It occurs right after the scene with the blinking red woman. As they walk away they tell a joke (the punch line of which can be heard in the film. Then...
They laugh, but the laughter is broken as a trio of youngsters, moving with erratic speed of lightning, smashes between them, almost knocking Francis over. He reels, Logan catches him and they recover in time to see the trio rip wildly through the crowd, knocking people down, screaming with shrill joy as they disappear.

The damned Yellows are getting out of hand. Those three ought to be in Cathedral. No business scrambling in Arcade...

LOGAN (laughs cuffs Francis' arm)
What an old, old man you're getting to be, Francis. Weren't you ever a Yellow? I bet you were even wilder than - (he breaks off as the lights in the Great Hall dim) -- come on, Sandman.

This sequence was completely deleted form the movie. However the shot of the running yellow kids did appear ever so briefly in the Logan's Run TV series in the episode Carousel just after Francis is gassed by a runner. This got me to thinking. Most of the stock footage in the series was not all that great of quality. Some of the shots of the city were downright bad! However this one shot was crystal clear. I am not aware of it appearing anyplace else. My theory is this. After production of the film, but before Saul David went looking for the deleted footage, MGM TV swoped down and collected all the unused footage and or preview print of the film for use as stock footage in the series. After all ,unused bits form the film would be perfect to use in the new series! Either that or they got teh preview print. This might explain the sort of scratchy stock footage.

Photo from Robert Yancey

The crowd is drawn to the Carousel.
The cut joke scene.

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