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Updated 7-30-01

From a frozen prison colony called Hell to a icy foor storage area this section of the movie was changed quite a bit. One fot he few things to remain the same was Box and his ice sculpture. Shame that part was cut out. Early scripts had box still being part human. It was only in the later drafts that he was changed into a robot.

96 x 74

The ice caves proved to be a problem. The fire marshal was none to ammused at the use of styrafoam! Above a pic of Bo's penguins shot form the very back of the set next to the backfrop painting. Click for a larger version.


I really like this early sketch of Box. The idea of his face as a metalic tribal african mask seemed very interesting.


Often criticized for it's lack of African Americas shown on the screen one of the staring actors, who plyed Box, was black, but you could not tell through the complicated mask and bulky costume.


Courtsey of Robert Yancey
Box talks the duo into posing for a statue. He has never seen a pair of runners before to gethter and wants to imortalize them. Logan and Jessica agree

and Box make the statue seen in the picture to the right. Click for a larger version. Logan and Jessica are both amazed at the sculpture.


96 x 65

Courtsey of Robert Yancey

Box leads them into a room where they find out what happened to all the runners that went before. In some drafts of the script Logan sees the exact number the Thinnker said were unaccounted for.

Many times it was stated that these figures in the ice were manequins. However if they were, they were the most moible ones seen at least until the movie manequin was released some 10 years later! Shown here are the 'people' in the ice taken form three different still pictures showing their range of movement. Of special interest is the person on the far right who not only changes positions, but makes faces as well! This picture is fairly large!



Box and Logan sort of have a fight where he shoots the freezing tubes and starts a disaster.

Escaping from the ice world of Box the two encounter the sun for the first time. This picture of Jessica was the one they picked to represent her for the Editors Portfolio.

76 x 96

In Cinefantastique they ran a cartoon in the letters section in the issue after the Logan's Run retrospective. Click for a large verison!

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