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Domes/City, Opening, Nursery, Maze Cars, Arcade, Great Hall, Carousel, Runner, DSHQ, Cathedral, New You, Tunnels

Return, Surrogation, Destruction
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Updated 1-13--2002

Movie Production Information New 9-22-01

Restored Sequence in MPEG
Updated sequence edited by Mark Taylor adds a scene from the featurette and sound effects combined with a B&W still of Logan and Francis getting run into by the cubs to lengthen this sequence. Does anyone have a color picture of the cubs knocking into Francis?

This brief clip was from a deleted scene. It occurs right after the scene with the blinking red woman. As they walk away they tell a joke (the punch line of which can be heard in the film. Then...
They laugh, but the laughter is broken as a trio of youngsters, moving with erratic speed of lightning, smashes between them, almost knocking Francis over. He reels, Logan catches him and they recover in time to
see the trio rip wildly through the crowd, knocking people down, screaming with shrill joy as they disappear.

The damned Yellows are getting out of hand. Those three ought to be in Cathedral. No business scrambling in Arcade...

LOGAN (laughs cuffs Francis' arm)
What an old, old man you're getting to be, Francis. Weren't you ever a Yellow? I bet you were even wilder than - (he breaks off as the lights in the Great Hall dim) -- come on, Sandman.

This sequence was completely deleted form the movie. However the shot of the running yellow kids did appear ever so briefly in the Logan's Run TV series in the episode Carousel just after Francis is gassed by a runner. This got me to thinking. Most of the stock footage in the series was not all that great of quality. Some of the shots of the city were downright bad! However this one shot was crystal clear. I am not aware of it appearing anyplace else. My theory is this. After production of the film, but before Saul David went looking for the deleted footage, MGM TV swoped down and collected all the unused footage and or preview print of the film for use as stock footage in the series. After all ,unused bits form the film would be perfect to use in the new series!

Photo from Robert Yancey

See the Restored Sequence!

Opening Deleted Scene in MPEG (Courtsey of Mark Taylor)
Mark Taylor has worked very hard to restore bits and pieces of the deleted opening sequence into a MPEG file which you can download and enjoy. In this scene the runner is fleeing through the city. he is in a maze car. It stops on a rooftop and lets him out. He goes into an elevator and decends. That is where this scene starts. The runner thinks he may have gotten away but he is being tracked by Francis who leaps down form a balcony. The crowd parts and Francis blasts the runner who falls into a residence pool. Made from different clips from all three theatrical trailers the only part missing is the scene where the crowd turns and applauds the sandman and the cemera zooms in on the black crystal which disolves into the next scene of the infants hand with a white crystal. This MPEG clip is just under 4mb in size and well worth the download time!

New 4-7-2001 Motion Picture script dated October 21, 1974 (heavily revised)
Index Page (thumbnails) or Read from page #1 OFFLINE
Revisions on 12/12/74, 1/7/75, 1/28/75, 1/30/75, 1/10/75, 2/3/75, 2/6/75, 2/18/75, 2/20/75, 2/21/75, 2/24/75, over 50 changed pages!
Francis is the one visiting Nursery. Jessica arrives at a big party! Logan's traget practice room is featured. Both Jessica nd Logan are strapped to Doc's table. The Loveshop is described just like the Glasshouse in the book. A Jewelery shop hides the doorway to Sanctuary. The lifeclocks do not go clear outside. There is not pool swiming sequence. Completely different ending sequence with the sandmen chasing Logan and Jessica into the spinning Carousel! This would have made a fantastic film! I am looking for earlier versions because at the end it mentions Carousel has a 'scoreboard' and I want to know that the earlier verison had to say about that! Visit the
script page to see other drafts!

Be sure to visit the many movie pages jam packed with pictures from behind the scenes and deleted footage! Click on the Black and White sections above and to the right!
Watch for the Logan's Run Movie Poster Page!

If you went to opening day in selected cities you were rewarded by being given your very own 'life symbol' in the form of this removable tatoo. They only came in one color: Grapefruit! Sort of an interesting collectable.

The date is May 7th, 1976 and You Are There in SanDiego CA for a special advance preview screening of the new motion picture form MGM called Logan's Run. Ok, so you were not there, and you didn't get to see it, and shortly thereafter the studio hacked a ton of stuff out of the movie to make it shorter, and gain the film a PG rating. While the cut footage no longer exists (it vanished mysteriously along with the preview print) Fay Popejoy, a wonderful person and soon to be presidenent of the LROoF took along a cassette tape recorder into the theater and recorded all the audio track of this preview screening. You only had to wait 25 years to listen to this, so remeber this site brought it to you first. The movie is divided up into 5 MP3 files. Each about 25mb in size. You will need a MP3 player program to listen to them. And unlike Nixon's missing tape, you can listen to these 15 minutes. Now online again!

Part I 28mb In the first section you get to hear the deleted opening sequence where Francis kills a runner in a residence pool. The citizens then applaud the Sandman's shot. Other hilights include: A longer carousel sequence minus the computer voice, more dialogue in Nursery, Francis' 'lastday girl' cut completely form the film. Unfortunately, while filmed, the other character in this deleted sequence, a girl on her way to her turn at the Love Shop, is not present. Also not present are the Halucimill sequences as most of the drug references had already been removed by the studio.

Part II 27mb In this section of the film Jessica talks about flameout as the ultimate thrill. Logan describes the effects of Muscle. Francis announces he is going to Cathedral to help backup Logan. We learn Holly's number is 13, and hear the infamous longer Love Shop sequence which takes up the last four minutes of this track,. Unfortunately the person doing the recording's tape also ran out during this sequence.

Part III 27mb The conclusion of the Love Shop sequence reveals that just about 2.5 minutes was trimmed form this sequence. From 4:16 to 1:55! It may have even been a few seconds longer as the person switched tapes. At Runner HQ Logan has an interesting line to Jessica as he tells her the others will be here soon and she should leave. You also get to hear Logan and Jessica talk as they pose for the ice sculpture as well as all of Box's cut dialogue!

Part IV 25mb The Old man recites some deleted cat poetry. The audience laughs quite a bit at his lines and his role. Francis says a few different things before he dies. Old man says a few deleted words after they bury Francis.

Part V 17 mb The return trip is mostly the same. There are some brief gaps in the sound. One or two extra old man lines as they aproach the water gardens. Missing is the computer voice calling people the Carousel. The surrogration sequence is quite a bit longer than in the version we are used to. The audience applauds at the end.

New 1-8-2000 A complete shooting schedule for Logan's Run the motion picture. Find out what order the scenes were filmed in., see what scenes were actually shot, what locations were used, and what cast members were present. This fascinating document tells the entire story of the production of the motions picture noting delays and holidays! Fascinating reading for the hardcore Logan fan! A two and a half month schedule which was stretched out much longer. Compare it to the TV pilot Shooting Schedule New 1-8-2001 which was shot in only 12 days!

Cut Scenes from Screenplay April 30, 1975

Cut Deleted Pictures (Coming Soon!)

Carousel Memories

New 1-14-00 Professional stunt woman Paula Crist rembers back to her days as a stunt woman on the Carousel sequence in Logan's Run the movie. This Real Video clip is 3.6 mb in size. You can click here to view it online (about 14 minutes long). This segement was taped on August 8th 1990 at Unicon ( a fantactic convention) held in the bay area. The segemnt was originaly edited with pictures and some footage from the movie to illustrate the concepts and sequences she was talking about.

What will life be like...

Another of the promotional items designed to promote the film was this double folded brochure. The brochure is reporduced here for your enjoyment. The narative in the brochure is especialy interesting as it does not seem quite sure where it is leading to. The picture of the inside and the back are larger so the text can be readable. Follow the links below to start exploring this item. Cover, Inside1, Inside 2, Back

The Logan's Run page created in 1994 was split up a year later into several pages. This following was of the original text of the very first Logan's Run page on the internet.

Logan's Run recieved the oscar for Special Effects at the 1977 Oscar ceremony. The effects in Logan's Run, while tame by todays standards, were quite elaborate. most impressive was the huge miniature city built to depict life in the future. One thing that audiences fail to grasp was the large scale that these buildings were actualy created at. To the right is shown a group of workers painting some of the larger buildings. Depth of field and filming minatures was not at easy as it is today.

Of special note was the backdrop of Sandman Headquarters which is seen out the window of Logan's apartment. This backdrop (part miniature... part picture) has shown up in a bunch of produtions. It was even in Star Trek The Next Generation in the episode where Wesley Crusher is at Star Fleet Academy... he had the same view out of his wondow that Logan did!
One other thing the production team worked on was designing a way to actualy show three dimensional images without the aid of 3-D glasses. They tried endless ideas and concept for gadgets to give the illusion of things floating off of the screen. In the end this concept was droped in favor of just taking pictures of some holograms. I am not quite sure why this was a motion picture first (though I think it was the last) but evidently it was the first time holograms were used in a motion picture.
If you are interested in the production and effects that went into the creaton of Logan's Run you will want to pick up a copy of the new (Oct 97) laserdisc version of Logan's Run as it contains a digital reprint of the 1976 American Cinematographer which dealt with the production and more specificly the effects and matte paingins used in the motion picture. Strangely enough this section of the laserdisk contains pictures whic were used in the article and a few which wer not used in the article.

The tale of Logan's Run is an off again / on again production story rivaled only by the production of Dune. The original screenplay (written by Nolan and Johnson) was written at the same time as the novel. From the start the novel was written with a motion picture in mind. The sequencing of the different locations were comporable to those in any James Bond movie. The Original Screenplay was a fantastic work, and would still make an excellent motion picture even today. In the late 60's locations were scouted in South America for some elements of the productions. At one point George Pal was signed to direct. He stayed on the production for only a short time. Later Irwin Allen was slated to head the project. That too fell through. The project was shelved and pulled out several times over the next few years. The screenplay was readers-digested into a very very good shooting script which was then constantly hacked down (even while shooting) to the sort of basic story you see on the screen.


Michael York

Logan 5, Sandman

Richard Jordan

Francis 7, Sandman

Jenny Agutter


Roscoe Lee Browne


Farrah Fawcett

Holly 13

Michael Anderson Jr.

Doc, New You Facility

Peter Ustinov

Ballard (The Old Man)

Randolph Roberts

2nd Sanctuary Man

Lara Lindsay

The Woman Runner/Computer Voice Sandman Headquarters

Gary Morgan

Billy , leader of the Cubs

Michelle Stacy

Mary 2

Laura Hippe

Woman Customer

David Westberg


Camilla Carr

Sanctuary Woman

Greg Lewis


Ashley Cox

Timid Girl (from the final scene with Ustinov)

Bill Couch

Sandman (stunt co-ordinator)

Glenn R. Wilder

Runner (stunt co-ordinator)

Denny Arnold

Runner #1 (cut from film)

Roger Borden

Daniel (a Sandman)

Johnny Haymer


Greg Michaels

Ambush Man (Runner)

Bob Neill

First Sanctuary Man

Candice Rialson


Johnny Timko