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Logan's Run Motion Picture Production Information

Early Motion Picture Synopsis! You will ove the new ending in which the "Old Man" drives up the City of Domes in the beat up Rolls Royce! This was later changed to a horse drawn cart in pre-production art then droped in favor of just walking there.

This article is, I think, from the Dallas Times Herald. I do not know the date. It talks mostly about Saul David and the production of the motion picture. The most interesting bit comes at the end where he talks about the disolving body effect and how it came about. Interesting reading all around though.

Another press release telling of the upcoming use of the World trade Center and other Texas locations. Not entirely accurate. After communicating with the texas Film Comission it turns out that they applied for permits all over, then actually used very few of them.

A memo listing proposed locatons. Hand annotated with notes about visiting the sets years later. Many of these locations were never used. If you are interested in the various locations used please visit the Locations Page

Dallas Morning News Wed. June 11, 1975
Only beautiful People Need Apply Article by Patty Moore talking about the local extra used in the production of the movie. For their talents and looks they got $2.15 per hour working on the set.

Dallas Times Herald Thurs July 10, 1975
Movie 'extra' worried what mother will think
An extra in the Love Shop sequence worries what his mother will think when she sees the motion picture. Also mentions Adrian McKnight who is they guy outside of the New You Shop who has a few lines but was cut form the movie.

An Extras Life Is Filled With Boredom
Interesting look at casting practices for the Love Shop sequence. Even more interesting for the fact that sometimes they were not given any direction as to what was going to happen. When they were hearded into the great hall and Michael York comes out ot make his speech about "You don't have to go in there" they all applauded at the end not realizing they were on camera.

MGM Logan's Run Bulletin #4 August 9, 1976

In this forth MGM Memorandum the publicity aspect of Logan's Run Fan Clubs are discussed including the formation of the Logan's Run Organization of Fans. Does anyone have the earlier three bullerins?

More about the early formation of the LROoF can be found here

Althought not production documents William F. Nolan wrote a series of articles dealing with Logan's Run This one was dated September 16th 1976. These articles evolved into a column called Running With Logan which ran in the Logan's Run Orginazation of Fans (LROoF) newsletter The Circuit. Read moe of them on that page!

NEW 10-24-2001 William F. Nolan Circuit article #1 Page 1, Page 2
NEW 10-24-2001 William F. Nolan Circuit article #2 Jan 30 1977 Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

What will life be like...

New 8-15-00 Another of the promotional items designed to promote the film was this double folded brochure. The brochure is reporduced here for your enjoyment. The narative in the brochure is especialy interesting as it does not seem quite sure where it is leading to. The picture of the inside and the back are larger so the text can be readable. Follow the links below to start exploring this item. Cover, Inside1, Inside 2, Back

New 2-25-03 On The Move With Logan's Run
The Dallas Morning News Tuesday July 5, 1975
A report of a visit to the set during the first week of production in Dallas. Mentions of extras, the director, and the stars of the movie. Obviously edited down from a larger story to fit the avaliable space. Special thanks to mark Taylor for this great article.



New 2-25-03 Russians Arive
The Dallas Morning News Saturday July 12, 1975
A report of a visit to Dallas of Soviet mayors who happened to pay a visit to the set of Logan's Run. Special thanks to mark Taylor for this great article.


New 2-2-03 Progress Report #2
Another progress report filled with cippings about the movie's production. A few of them also appeared agian in PR #3. costumes. It may have been distributed to US theaters before the premier, or it could have been aimed at oversease theater owners as it lists a film distributor other than UA.This brochure comes from the coleciton of Dave Jackson! Thank you Dave!

New 2-24-02 Progress Report #3
I am unclar who this "Progress Report" was aimed at. It is filled with cippings about the production. Most of them seem to be accounts of the movie's production, holograms, and costumes. It may have been distributed to US theaters before the premier, or it could have been aimed at oversease theater owners as it lists a film distributor other than UA. If you want a file large enough to read all the individual articles please e-mail me and I will add it to my list of things to do.

New 2-14-03 German Film Program
A German film program for the movie Logan's Run. Front, inside spread, and back cover. This brochure comes from the coleciton of Dave Jackson! Thank you Dave!


A complete shooting schedule for Logan's Run the motion picture. Find out what order the scenes were filmed in., see what scenes were actually shot, what locations were used, and what cast members were present. This fascinating document tells the entire story of the production of the motions picture noting delays and holidays! Fascinating reading for the hardcore Logan fan! A two and a half month schedule which was stretched out much longer. Compare it to the TV pilot Shooting Schedule New 1-8-2001 which was shot in only 12 days!

New 2-24-02 Preview Comment Card form the Advance Screening
At the advance preview screeing MGM handed out comment cards so that the audience could leve their thoughts abotu the movie. As an optin participants were also asked for demographic infomration. This was a card not turned in at that screening. I often wonder when looking at if my comments would have made a difference. What if we could all travel back in time and pack the theater with logan fans?

New 6-23-02 In 1981 Saul David published his autobiography The Industry. To celebrate the 25th birthday of the film, here is the section dealing with Censorship and the Love Shop sequence! Be warned that it deals with some rather loathsome language coming from the mouths of the censors! ; ) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

New 2-24-02 Your Life Symbol
At selected cities across the country these life symbol cards were handed out on opening day. This was printed on red sticker paper with a pre cut hole in the middle which you would peal off and wear in the palm of your hand.

If you went to opening day in selected cities you were rewarded by being given your very own 'life symbol' in the form of this removable tatoo. They only came in one color: Grapefruit! Sort of an interesting collectable.

May 16, 1976 at the side of the M.G.M. lot on Washington Blvd.