FROM: Richard Kahn

TO: C.I.C. Publicity Managers - Worldwide

DATE August 9, 1976


This is Bulletin #4 in a series covering release promotion activity on "LOGAN'S RUN." Please keep it on file until such time as you set up your program on "LOGAN'S RUN."
Best regards, RK



M. Attas

D. Melnick

S. David

D. Morgan

B. Edwards

A. Newman

J. Gordon

F. Sill

L. Greenfield

D. Wilcox

T. Hatfield

All C.I.C. Distribution Executives





Science fiction enthusiasts are notoriously avid fan-clubbers. The amazing success of TV's "Star Trek" fan clubs is legendary. Promoting science fiction films via fan clubs organized in their honor is an excellent way to draw attention to their release. In almost every major city there are sci-fi enthusiasts who are not only willing but skilled at organizing and conducting the business of fan clubs.


In the case of Saul David's production of "Logan's Run," it was decided to encourage any moviegoer who asked permission to form a fan club. We would supply basic material, such as press material, photos, pamphlets, ad copy, etc., but we would not be committed to any print costs. We would offer cooperation but we would not commit the studio by giving any fan club organizer any official MGM sanction.


Shortly after the first sneak preview of "Logan's Run" in San Diego, California, the first letters asking permission to form a fan club for the film arrived at the studio. From these letters we selected Miss Fay Metze's request and further suggested that she try to make it a national club instead of a community group. Miss Metze is a legal secretary and, based on the contents of her letter, it was obvious that she was a person professionally ski-lled to do the organizational work.


MGM first supplied LOGAN'S RUN ORGANIZATION OF FANS with such promotional items as the 12 color lithographs, Production Notes, press kit, poster, T-shirt, ad copy, plus a good supply of black-and-white photos, hand decals and palm-disc cards.

Miss Metze set up ads to run in such specialized publications as the Nostalgia Journal and Buyer's Guide, asking for members. In a recent letteJc- to MGM she said: "I have been totally overwhclmed by the response I have received."

The organization was registered with the International Council of Fan Clubs and was formally launched during the first week of the U.S. run of "Logan's Run."

THE LOGAN'S RUN ORGANIZATION OF FANS plans to print a "fanzine" (fan-produced magazine) bimonthly for its members. New members will receive a kit including a still from the film, other printed information, a membership card, and a button on which has been printed one of many "Logan's Slogans" -- "Support Your Local Sandman"..."I'm a Runner and Proud of It."

Promotion of the LOGAN'S RUN ORGANIZATION OF FANS will also occur at the many conventions devoted to science fiction, fantasyand horror films.

Any further information on this particular organization can be gotten by writing LOGAN'S RUN ORGANIZATION OF FANS, 2430 Chatsworth Boulevard, San Diego, California, USA 92106.

-- This memo als had a advertisemtn from the Nostalgia Journal for the club and a letter the club sent out whne you sent in your SASE. Look for them on the fandom page. Please do not mail to the above address.. it has beot been valid for about 20 years.