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Updated 12-29-01

Courtsey of Eric Popejoy

After they bury Francis they start the long journey back to the City of Domes. The Old Man in the original version says a few words over the grave. It was rather touching. A shame they cut it out!

On the way they stop and rest.

I kept waiting for Michael York to fall to his knees and do a Charelton Heston impersonation! Oh well.


Amazing how buildings and industry have sprouted up just outside the ruined City of Domes!

Just a few years later sci-fi returned to the Fort Worth Water Gardens as the character George Orr finds one of his dreamed worlds to include this popular location too! Scene from The Lathe of Heaven as seen on PBS.

The Lathe of Heaven is now out on DVD

Ealry conceptual art. If you have a widescreen version of the movie you can see a very mililar shot to this. Well minus the tube connecting the domes and the horse drawn cart! (picture from movie shown at the top of the page)

At the Fort Worth Water gardens.

Upon arriving Logan describes his plans to bring the people out and that the current would be very strong.

They tell the "Old Man" to wait.

"The people inside have never seen a cat."

The old man watches at they dive in.

After a huge swiming sequence they emerge!

They shot a scene where the Sandman were chasing Jesscia and Logan just before he addresses the crowd at Carousel. This is why Jessica is so out of breath when she speaks in this scene before the crowd. Above, one of the movie insert cards for Logan's Run and it clearly shows 1 unidentified sandman chasing Logan and Jessica while they are in the rags from the end of the movie. The making of short about Logan's Run also covers the filming of this deleted scene in detail. Two sandmen are shown chasing Logan and Jessica through Arcade. One stumbles and the other trips over some citizens.

Courtsey of Robert Yancey

The second worst effects shot of the entire movie.

Logan tries to convince the citizens of 'outside'

They must have sent 1/2 of the extras home after lunch.

He turns to Jessica as they are not listening.

Carousel is a lie! There is no renewal!

Dragged off to Sandman HQ!

96 x 74

"The lifeclocks are a lie!
And this script is pretty bad too!
Say, why is this guy smiling and looking at my ass? "

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