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One of the most drastic changes from the book was the removal of the tigers form the Washington sequences. One of the most unusual additions was that of the 'old man' and his cats. perhaps the tigers devolved? Are we not cats? We are DEVO! The old man was a 'Ballard' figure but somewhere along the line form book to move he was seperated into two characters. Oh well anyhow, showing the nations capitol in ruins looks strange today but at the heights of our bicentenial celebration it probably helpted draw a few more people to the theater.

Early pre-production art of the demolished Washington D.C.

96 x 76

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96 x 76

The picture on the left is an unretouched image showing what was actually built for the interior. For years several of my friends into Logan's Run held to the story that the upper deck was built on a seprate soundstage and then simply added in as an optical. This is clearly not true if you watch the movie closely you can see this. What was actually added in was a matte painting to make the set look bigger and continue the upper deck to the left. I love behind the scenes pictures like this one! The picture on the right is another posed publicity shot with jenny wearing a different costume what she would have worn on this set.

New 1-13-01

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In a sequence deleted from the final print of the film the Old Man and Logan look at other pictures of 'old people'. Included is the first Asain president shown on the right and another famous face. The Old Man recalls he was called "Trick Dick" but can not recall exactly why. This line got quite a laugh from the preview audience. This scene was cut fromt he movie for... I assume political reasons. heck when the musical 1776 came out a year or so before they cut out an entire musical number as it did not show conservitives in a good light!

Ah! On the right you can see the cat wrangler. Now there must have been a tough job!

77 x 96

Quick! Someone call the ASPCA before a cat gets crushed!

Courtsey of Eric Popejoy

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