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The future never sounded like this before!

12-28-02 This very special 25 track album consists of music as exciting and varied as the novel with one track specialy created for each chapter in the book. Made by various artists this CD has a track for each of the chapters in the book. Some of the twenty five tracks are very much rooted in the curretn trends of electronic music in Europe. Others are acoustic numbers. Overall this is a unique conceptual album. Some of the tracks are a bit short to read the chapers by. If you have a CD player with a track repeat you will find that reading along with the book will be a more enjoyable experience. Besides the work from Oberst Gregor and Ingo Anhenn this project also includes an exclusive eight minutes long ambient finale by overseas master of electronic beauty Richard Bone! Well worth adding to your collection. You can order your copy directly from Discos Veveos. So order yours today then dig out a well read copy of the original Nolan/Johnson novel and enjoy it in a whole new way.

2-24-02 Huge new seventy four minute version of the Logan's Run soundtrack now out at Developed with minor help from this site, this CD is a dream come true!. You can even preview many of the tracks online! Inludes amazing music from deleted sequences and expands on the limited vinyl album and subsequent CD releases. A large article about Jerry Goldsmith to follow soon in their great magazine! CD's from Film Score Monthly are simply fantastic and completely filled with music! Read reviews of two of their amazing Planet of the Apes CD's here. This production is limited to 3000 copies so be sure and order one today!

3-19-02 Read the fascinating interview with Lukas Kendall of Film Score Monthly Magazine on how this fascinating CD got made!

  • The Dome/The City/Nursery 3:05
  • Flameout 3:23
  • Fatal Games 2:26
  • On the Circuit 3:49
  • The Assignment/Lost Years 5:59
  • She'll Do It/Let Me Help 2:41
  • Crazy Ideas 2:38
  • A Little Muscle 2:22
  • Terminated in Cathedral 1:28
  • Intensive Care 3:00
  • Love Shop 3:43
  • They're Watching/Doc Is Dead 2:45
  • The Key/Box 4:22
  • Ice Sculpture 3:35
  • The Sun 2:15
  • The Monument 8:12
  • The Truth 2:03
  • You're Renewed 2:58
  • The Journey Back/The Beach 1:36
  • Return to the City/Apprehensions 2:30
  • The Interrogation 3:58
  • End of the City 2:23
  • Love Theme From "Logan's Run" 2:27
    Total Time: 74:18

What will life be like...

New 8-15-00 Another of the promotional items designed to promote the film was this double folded brochure. The brochure is reporduced here for your enjoyment. The narative in the brochure is especialy interesting as it does not seem quite sure where it is leading to. The picture of the inside and the back are larger so the text can be readable. Follow the links below to start exploring this item. Cover, Inside1, Inside 2, Back


Even Newer DVD Version of Movie Released! (second and third)

Yet another version of the DVD has been released. This version features both a widescreen version of the movie and a pan and scan version. It comes in a white cardboard case instead of a durrable plastic case and features poster art on the front. This version has also been replaced by a similar looking box with the WB logo on it. This version is two sided and has the pan and scan on one side and the widescreen on the other. It apears to be a different transfer for the pan and scan of a lesser quality. More scratches and the like. This makes three DVD versions ot collect.

Well there is also a Japanese version and a European verison now.

First DVD Version of Movie

This new version features a running commentary by the director and Michael York on a separate audio track. It is very similar to the deluxe laserdisk version which came out in the fall of 1987. It has the 20 minute 'making of' featurette as well. It also includes some rather nifty jacket art and an 8 page booklet packed with tidbits about the production of the movie. Also included are secondary audio tracks of the director, cinematographer, and Michael York. This booklet is in full color and features some nice design work. For more info on the DVD click here.
Now becoming collectable!

Laser Version of Movie Released!

This new version features a brand new letter box transfer and running commentary by the director and Michael York on a separate audio track. This set had the 20 minute featurette on the making of Logan's Run and segments from a second featurette produced the same yeard dealing with current productions at MGM that same year. Photos of deleted scenes are also included along with other production information. The video suplement of the American Cinematographer issue was abismal, but there were some interesting new pictures. There was also a fashon parade at MGM showing off the costumes of the 23rd centurey including a proto-type sandman outfit which was quite different from the one used in the movie. Some segments show sets (including the New You Shop) being constructed

Different Versions

VHS and Beta

There were several releases of Logan's Run on video over the years.

The ealy1980's saw Logan's Run running quite a bit on HBO. Shortly after that the virst videotapes came out. They were in these shiny silver presentation boxes which made them more like a book to put on your bookshelf than a box containing a video casette. These early versions came in both VHS and Beta.

The Box

The original Beta version of Logan's Run

Aside from several releases on Videotape there were numerous versions on laserdisk and now several on DVD! Collect them all!

There was also one RCA 'needle based' version of the move released in 1985 with a dark blue plastic case.

MGM/UA (CLV stereo pan and scan)

?? ???? Turner/MGM (CLV stereo Letterbox ) White cover Included 1 theatrical trailer

Oct 1997 (CAV THX Letterbox) Black cover Director/York commentary 2 featurettes, trailers, etc. many things not on any other version. Articles stills and the like. This laserdisc ahs a dark cover instead of a white one. If you are looking for the more interesting bunch of extra bits this is the laserdisc to get!

October 1998 (DVD Leterbox) Dark Psastic case Director/York commentary 1 featurette, 1 trailer. (Hmm bought the DVD then had to go aout and get a player!)

2000 (DVD Letterbox and Pan and Scan) White cardboard box Was this disc one sided? Director/York commentary 1 featurette, 1 trailer (According to people who wrote in this version is a one sided disc.) I do not have a copy of this DVD.

Summer 2001 (DVD letterbox and Pan and Scan) White cardboard box WB logo Director/York commentary 1 featurette, 1 trailer Pan and Scan version appears to be a different transfer. perhaps form an earlier laserdisc transfer? Really nice sound setup!


Logan's Run Movie Script Online!

Someone has bothered to take the time to put up on the Web the Screenplay By David Zelag Goodman ( Revised : April 30, 1975 version) of the movie Logan's Run. This text is far and away different from the movie version that was filmed shortly thereafter. Unfortunately all the things they cut out would have helped to improve the movie. Also included is a page from an older draft that somehow found its way into the final draft. It offers some insight on how the film's climax was shortened.

If that does not work try

I understand that the links above may have expired. I appologize for others inability to keep documnets on the internet even for a short period of time. This link was working on 5-29-2000.

Also check out the Script page

Logan's Run Soundtrack

A newer version of the Cd is currently in stores (spring 2001) on the same CD as the Coma soundtrack. look for it at your local stores and on e-bay!

Hey... the soundtrack came out a couple of years ago on CD. For some reason I never botherd to mention this on the page before.

It came out on the Bay Cities label (BCD 3024 (A22722) DIDP 077068) This is through Sony Music Special Products (C) by Sony Products/Manufactured by Columbia Records. not curent date is on the CD, but I think this was about 2 years ago.

It contains the exact same tracks as the record release. The sound quality is far superior to that of most scratched vinyl copies lying around. In fact some subtle parts of the music I never noticed before now emerge quite clearly. Whoever re-mixed it really loved the soundtrack. The case design is very similar to the record as well. It has the movie poster art on the front surrounded by a light blue border.It adds new liner notes by Bruce Eder, who mostly trashes the movie, but loved the soundtrack.


Before being on CD it was out as an LP and a cassette tape in a nifty hard plastic container with the poster art on it. The tape was white with a black label on one side and black with a white label on the other side. The LP was very similar to the CD release as it has a blue border around the outside. Heck it was the 70's! there was even a version of 8 track tape!

The soundtrack was re-released in 2000 on a CD with the wonderful Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack for Coma. The cover was so awful I am not putting it here.

New 5-26-02 I bet you did not know there were lyrics to that tune!

"As We Follow the Sun"
Love Theme from the MGM Motion Picture "Logan's Run"
Music by Jerry Goldsmith Words by Carol Heather

"Somewhere there's a world for lovers only,
lovers who were lonely know where to find it.
If we follow the promise of sunlight,
it will be the one light to show the way.
Into that faraway place we'll discover -
A lover's daydream to chase as we go.
Hold my hand and we'll wonder forever,
wondering together in the world we've begun.
Love will grow as we follow the sun."

Courtesy The Collection of John W. McGarrah

7-9-00 Logan Runs Again... or did he? Rockin' out with Logan's Sanctuary One of the most interesting things I have come across in a long time is this CD by Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Brian Reitzell called Logan's Sanctuary Its is a soundtrack for a never produced sequel to the movie Logan's Run. It has the flavor and consistency of late 70's synthesized music. It most reminds me of the first season record for Space 1999. It also features a vocal track on track #2 Search For Tomorrow that borders on the insanity of rock songs in 70's movie like Barberella and the theme for Buck Rogers or maybe even a James Bond theme. It has the feel of a soundtrack made in late 1977 or maybe 1978. From the haunting themes in some of the songs that seem to linger in my stereo long after the track has ended. Vintage instruments give it a 'special sound' rarely heard on modern recordings. Even Disky was astounded by the CD insert and its various images of a never made movie. Frankly I am wondering if they have sent a copy to the makers of the new Logan's Run movie yet. A retro soundtrack might give a unique feel to the new movie.

Evidently Mr. Nolan did not get a share of the proceeds (or the debt) form this audio CD.

12-8-01 Jigsaw Puzzle
While Star Wars spawned tons of toys and tie ins most of the Logan's Run items tended to be a bit more tame. Aside from some posters, some glasses and a beach towell one of the more interesting items was thsi jigsaw puzzle. It was part of a series of movie poster jigsaw puzzles. The 1976 King Kong movie was another puzzle in this series. This flier was sent out to retailers.

12-8-01 Run via the Post Office?
One of the things i saw in the back of Starlosg, but never got around to sending for was the logan's Run "play by mail" game. Remeber this was way back before the days of the personal confuser. You would have a map.. so would your oponent. You sent in your moves by mail. i would assume a game could take quite a long time to finish. Shown on the left is the cover of the game booklet and to the right a sample page from the booklet detailing information about being a Sandman.

Logan's Run FAQ

Check out the Logan's Run Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) maintained by Roger M. Wilcox at the following new address! Its filled with loads of interesting information and serves as a great way to introduce yourself, or someone else, to the world of Logan's Run Fandom. The address is

Logan's Run On TNT MonsterVision with Joe Bob

Friday 11/1/96 on TNT's MonsterVision Joe Bob, the resident film critic from Grapevine TX. will be slicing and dicing the television pilot for Logan's Run! Well worth watching for JoeBob's comments alone.
Logan's Run (1977) at 4:30 a.m. Eastern Friday 11/1/96
You thought the film version was bad?
Wait till you see the original television pilot starring Gregory Harrison and Heather Menzies! Jaw-dropping costumes! Unbelievable sets! Who did their hair?

Well as it turned out.. "...everything was running about 3 hours late and they were doing a live shoot following some big event and... they all... decided to just go home" so Joe Bob never got to tear the pilot apart.

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