Fear Factor

The picture above was used in the episode Stargate
apearing on the screen about Jessica's head.

Guest Cast

  • Ed Nelson as Dr. Rowan What can I say about this guy. I think he was in every major TV western series ever filmed! He played Luke Stone in the classic Outer Limits episode Nightmare. He was in the Little Girl Lost episode of Night Gallery. he went on to d a 1 shot appearance on Dallas as well as a gues spot on CHiPs. He also was the governer in Police Academy 3. MST3 fans may remember him from the bad TV movie Superdome or Teenage Caveman and Night of the Blood Beast!. He was also in Attack of the Crab Monsters and Invasion of the Saucer Men and that often overlooked classic The Brain Eaters!
  • Jared Martin as Dr. Paulson Best known for his sci-fi roles in Fantastic Journey and War of the Worlds the TV Series. He was also a regular for a few years on One Life To Live during the 80's. He is now retired and lives in Philidelphia. You can also spot his as a technicial (one which runs out of air) in Westworld.
  • William Wellman Jr. as a psychiatrist He was in a lot of westerns too. He was in V the Series playing Rev. Turney in "Reflections in Terror" and made an appearance on Alien Nation playing Ruby in "Little Lost Lamb". You can also spot him in DS9 as a Bajoran Officer in "Favor the Bold" Part 1. He also played a doctor in the 1994 remake of The Puppet Masters.
  • Peter Brandon as a psychiatrist. Died November 1993. He played a doctor in Altered States, He was on As The World Turns for 7 years in the late 60's and early 70's. His last role was on the mini series Medea where he played Aegeus. He died shortly after this was shown.
  • Carl Byrd as a psychiatrist. He was in several minor movies. None of them sci-fi related. The Phantom of Hollywood is as close as he gets. In that he played a cameraman.

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The sets in this episode were interesting (except for the retooled corridor from The Crypt) and so was the location. I think that the movie Westworld might have used this location. Does anyone have any idea where it is? It looks quite familiar.


Logan "All this for having a tooth pulled?"







Picture courtsey of Andrew Rolfes!