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Logan's Run is my favorite TV series of all time. I really enjoyed the weekly exploits of Logan and Jessica on CBS as I was growing up. I was also a fan of the movie, but a TV series allowed for more adventures every week, and appealed to me far more than the movie. Looking back on it now it has quite a charm. Some of the set design ( the Crypt) and cinematography (as seen in Turnabout) was truly inspired for a TV show from the 70's. Quite a shame this series died off so soon. It did not have time to build and audience. And the changing days and missing weeks did not help either. I still have the form letter I got back from CBS on the decision to cancel the show. Heather Menzies and Gregory Harrison would have been loads of fun to watch over the course of a full season. or even several years. I think CBS just did not know what to do with this show or who should be the sponsor. Lemon Joy and Sandmen did not mix all that well. I should mention to younger readers that CBS has a history of giving up on science fiction shows after the pilot (as with some of Gene Roddenberry's projects) or midway through a season as in Planet of the Apes and Logan's Run, both of which only ran for 13 episodes. It is nice that they gave William F. Nolan's brainchild at least more of a chance than they did with Roddenberry's. Thank you for creating Logan in the first place! Who would have ever dreamed that such an anti-hero could ever become so popular!

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If you really want to see what California looked like during the drought year 1977 Logan's Run captured the experience extremely well! Often I expected the see Bo and Luke Duke come round the bend any second in the General Lee! It also gives you an idea what California shopping malls were like way back then. Logan's Run is still my favorite television show. I still have my letter from CBS from the campaign to keep the show on the air. There is just something about the basic concept of a youth culture that appealed to me. On the right is the Scholastic kids magazine Dynamite with the issue that featured Logan's Run. In 1977. In England, a country famous for 'annuals', a Logan's Run Annual was published. This hard bound book has many wonderful pictures from the television series including many closeups of the interiors of the vehicles used in the show. It also had a few marginal stories and a few nifty comic strips. The Logan's Run Annual was definitely a TV related item. The back cover is the same as the font sans logo.

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1. Logan's Run (9-16-77, 90 minute pilot) The original pilot (60 minutes) was modified to add another sub-plot as well as additional scenes with a "council of elders" who actually run the city. If you watch the pilot you will see where Francis is about to go outside after Logan, then gets a message and walks away. This bit was added in and is extremely obvious. The council orders Francis to capture Logan. They tell him that he will be reprogrammed, but they really intend to kill him anyhow. As an incentive, they offer Francis a spot on the secret council. As Logan and Jessica are running they have a series of two mini-adventures and encounter Rem.

New Pilot Shooting Schedule! New 1-8-2001

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2. The Collectors NEW 2-16-2001 (9-23-77) Angela Cartwright, Penny from Lost In Space, makes an appearance as one of the lesser aliens disguised as a runner named Karen, who were collecting samples of life in order to study and then conquer their worlds. Danger Penny Robinson! Danger!

This episode also features a variety of Don Post masks from his 1977 line of rubber creations. This episode also looks very hot... I mean California desert hot! I have no idea how Greagory Harrison survived the shooting of this. At least on the next episode they could stand in some shade! Also Rem's and Jessica's wradrobes suddenly change! Rem gets an entire new outfit. Jessica gets an attractive off the shoulder dress, but then changes back before the end of the episode. She also looses the belt form the pilot and gains a three ring belt whcih she wears for the rest of the series. This was the last episode before they did away with the movie two piece Sandmen outfits in favor of cooler one piece outfits in the following show.

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3. Capture (9-30-77) Mary Woronov (popular actress in many cult movies) gives a 'nifty' performance as the wife of the big game hunter, Bordon as played by Horst Buchholz (who does not give a 'nifty' performance). Logan and the other Sandmen get cooler one piece tops to wear for the rest of the series starting in this episode. The first sighting of the wonderful DS Groundcars make this episode special. Rem, though not in most of the show, does get in some great lines.

Fantastic location photography in this episode. Rem remarks on the grasshopper and how remarkable it is. The interaction between the characters of Logan and Francis were extremely well written, and Heather Menzies (as Jessica) does a fantastic job of looking frightened at the hands of Mary Woronov (Borden's Wife).

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4. The Innocent New 3-8-03(10-10-77) (aka Child Of The Times) I would like to say something about this show. Well if I recall right it was the first time a real robot were used in a television show. Though the robot in question was only a radio controlled one. This trend would continue in Space Academy and in Doctor Who. At about this point they also added an 'art director' to the shows production so the sets started to improve. One of the best early episodes of the series. Logan comes off as a very strong character.

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5. "Man Out of Time" (10-17-77) Written by David Gerold under the name Noah Ward. Get it, "No Award!" Without a doubt one of the best episodes of the series. David Gerold wrote a column about the experience of writing the show in Starlog Magazine (#9 or 10 I think) but then again, he also wrote a column about going to the bathroom while on the set of planet of the apes, so what does he know. I once asked him to autograph a copy of the script at a convention I was working on in the 80's and he got quite a laugh out of it. He was embarrassed to find out it was playing in the convention video room. Ahhh! The joys of vacuformed plastic wall panels! One of the best episode of the series. Good balance of action and drama. Being a lover of set design the unual support structures for these little shacks quite interested me. Althought only shown in passing it was obvious that someone either found a set of interesting cabins with a unique design or set designer had an interesting idea. Oops that pic to the left is from The Innicent! Darn! Want to watch Logan's Run? This is the very best of all the episodes! Action! Danger! and the reason for the 'little war' revealed!

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6. Half Life (10-31-77) Kim Cattrall, Kim Cattrall, I think she's swell as she stars in one of her most forgettable roles. I can't even remember what part she was playing. One society has found a way to deal with all those negative emotions. They put you in a machine and split you into a positive and a negative. Then they cast out the negatives into the oak tree forest in the middle of a drought. Quite a shame they didn't have Night Visitors as a Halloween show, even the next episode would have been a better Halloween episode. The bay eare station and the local CBS station started playing the series on different nights so for a while I got to see the series twice a week! It gave me a chnce to go back and watch for things I had missed the first time. I wish I owned a VCR back then!

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7. Crypt (11-7-77) Original story by Harlan Ellison. For more information about Harlan Ellison check out my Starlost page. Strangely enough he is rarely credited with writing the original story or treatment for this episode. This tale dealt with cryogenically frozen people, but the clumsy Logan drops some of the serum so there is only enough to save a few of them. To make things worse one of the frozen people is an imposer who starts bumping off the others. This episode tries to organize a large cast of characters in a sort of mystery. Rem even gets to play Sherlock Holmes. Logan delivers a great dramatic scene at the end. Even Jessica gets disgusted! Good acting on the part of all the regulars in this episode! The guest cast tries really hard in the limited amount of time to all be specific individuals, but there is really not enough time for that.
New 6-24-2000 Circus Magazine interview from the set of The Crypt.
New 5-31-2001 Harlan Ellison's origianl story/treatment information added to page!

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8. Fear Factor New 3-8-03 (11-14-77) Jarred Martin, Fantastic Journey, wishes he still had his sonic tuning fork as he stumbles through this episode. Ed Nelson also makes an appearance. Loads of vacuformed wall panels in this episode. Jessica gets strapped to a reprogramming table and had her mind messed with. Pictures of that appeared in quite a few books and magazines. The concept of an insane asylum taken over by the inmates made for some chilly viewing. Ooops this pic is from The Crypt... Darn!

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9. Judas Goat NEW 7-9-2001 (12-19-77) (aka Wake The Dead) Judas goat, Judas goat, friendly neighborhood Judas goat... Nicholas Hammond from the live action 'spider man' series is a featured player in the Sandmen's latest web of deceit! Wasn't he also in Giant Spider Invasion with Alan Hale? Hmm... Spider Man.. Giant spider invasion.. is there a connection? In this he played Hal 14 a third grade Carousel technicial whose identity is stolen after he is terminated. Ever wonder what happened to 'Dad' from Land of the Lost when he vanished at the end of the second season? Well aside from a guest spot on Alice, Spencer Milligan ends up looking even more confused as he wanders through this guest spot on Logan's Run. One of the more fun episodes of the series to watch today. We also get to see a scaled down version of Doc's machine in action, transforming a sandman into the likeness of a dead runner. At the end of the episode Logan and Jessica are right outside the city of domes again. The never seem to get very far away.

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10. Futurepast (1-2-78) Mariette Hartley guests stars as a robot who causes Rem to 'spark' every time he is in the same room with her. I bet Gregory Harrison and Heather Menzes still have bad dreams about this episode. Griffith observatory, shot in hundreds of movies and TV shows (including rebel Without a Cause, Flash Gordon and Commando Cody serieals, Terminator movies and most recently Star Trek Voyager) , is shown here from 'all new' angles some of which are very interesting. Mostly form the are near the back parking lot. Jessica's and Logan's dream sequences are in some ways simplistic but some of them are down right disturbing. The dream where Jessica faces her unknown mother is very disturbing if you recall the fact that in Logan's world no one ever knew their parents. Hey! Who is that guy on the right?
New 5-31-2001 visit to Griffith Observatory location pictures!

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11. Carousel NEW 6-26-2001 (1-16-78) a return to the shopping mall. Uh... I mean the City of Domes. After Logan's memory is erased with a memory erasing drug. Now he is a sandman again. Yeah! Unfortunately the drug wears off after a time. Boo! This actually was a very good episode and the last one shown in Northern California. The rest of the episodes did not air in our area. Final scenes were filmed in the LA river which was bone dry during production. Also seen in the end credits for Buckaroo Banzai. There are some nifty transportation effects which involve a second dissolve of a skeleton model. You get to meet the resistance movement inside the city. Racial equality seems to have improved over the movie version. The interaction Rem has with the inhabitants of the city is very interesting. Jessica changes her hairstyle and outfit for a brief period of time to seduce Logan. The new look was good for her. At the end of the episode Logan and Jessica are right outside the city of domes again. The never seem to get very far away. I see a pattern forming! When in LA visit the City of Domes/ Pacific Design Center / AKA The Blue Whale!

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12. Night Visitors Updated 6-29-02 Now with pictures!(1-23-78) The Last three episodes were not shown in all areas. This episode is helped by some great location filming in an old house. It is not helped from the Lost In Space like 'black room with some stuff in it' studio sets. This was produced after the network decided to move the time slot later and is the only episode that has Logan and Jessica being anything more that just 'good friends'. Jessica does a good job of looking cold wet and later in the episode very frightened. Some cheesy 'Lost in Space' black sound stage with a few props in it sets spoil the mood of an very good atmospheric episode. This would have been great on Halloween. This was not shown on most of the West Coast. Aside from the cheesy black sets this was by far one of the best episodes as Logan and Jessica are given some great character development scenes.Does anyone know where the interiors of the house were shot at? This episode must have eaten the regular budget of two episodes using so much location filming.

MPEG movie of the teaser

13. Turnabout New 3-8-03 (1-30-78) In the land of Zidor, women of the society had to wear masks and they had a very very rigid legal/religious system. This was not shown on most of the West Coast. At the end of the show Francis and his Sandmen end up in 'jail' at least for two days. This is one of the few episodes which has a sub plot running through it. Every so often there is a problem with unfair treatment of women. Jessica wants to say something during most of the episode, but is unable to do much about it. There is a neeto scene at the end where Jessica has convinced the women to remove their masks. There is a HUGE amount of location filming of Logan Jessica and Francis as they march across a barren desert. It works very well. I was thirsty after watching it on TV! The director of photography did some excellent work in not showing any footprints on the blazing sand. If you have never shot in the sand, you don't know what a nightmare this can be! At first watching I thought the sets were awful, but on second though I think they reflected the culture quite well, aside from the color scheme. Light pink and baby blue seemed to be everywhere. Darn this picture is also from the wrong episode!

MPEG movie of the teaser

14. Stargate New 3-8-03 (2-6-78) Aliens have a problem with their central heating, thanks to Rem. Rem also falls to pieces when the aliens borrow many of his spare and not so spare parts. This episode shows you more of Rem than you ever wanted to see. Arms, legs, internal parts, a veritable buffet of Rem as he is taken apart by some rather annoying aliens. At the end of the episode Rem is reassembled and the trio rides off into the sunset. Gregory Harrison went on to star in "For Ladies Only" where he played a male stripper and later on to a good part in Trapper John M.D.. Last time I saw Donald he was on China Beach playing the main character's father in the final season of the show. This episode has a lot going on in it. It actually looks similar to some first season Buck Rogers episodes. There was a supposed invading alien army, there were quite a few extras and a nifty mutant monster lurking in a nearby swamp. The alien set design was also quite interesting. This was not shown on most of the West Coast.

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Unproduced Episodes

The Guardians

The Guardians (Not Produced) written by Ellis St. Joseph
Our travelers suffer damage to the hovercraft and take refuge with a commune of farmers. They learn of a nearby "fort" has a hovercar, too, and the personnel there also have something the farmers want. They don't know what it is, but it seems to give the fort light, power to run the machines, and other luxuries the farmers do not have. There has been regular skirmishing between the the two factions for some time. A foray into the fort by Logan and Rem reveals it is an old missile base which escaped being hit in the holocaust, and the precious thing the garrison is protecting from "the enemy" is a still-armed nuclear missile which they will defend to the death. When Logan and Rem fail to return on time, Jessica leads the farmers in a raid on the base, casing the base commander to hit the button which starts the launch countdown on a missile that could begin another holocaust. Both factions must work together, led buy out people, to stop the countdown and find a workable peace among themselves.

This episode must have been axed after September 30th 1977 as it was announces as one of the episodes at that convention. Night Visitor was nowhere on the list, so I am assuming that it took the place of this episode at the last minute.

The Thunder Sentinels

I am assuming that this was the treatment written by William F. Nolan and Dennis Etchison called The Thunder Gods I am guessing having the "god" in the title was a bit too much for CBS. This is an external link.

If anyone can confirm this please e-mail me!

The Peacemakers

I have no information about this episode.

If you have any more information about this please e-mail me !

The Playground

Complete script now online!

In this episdode Logan, Jessica and Rem are shot at by robots when they approach a facility designed to raise children. The only problem is that these children act like seven year olds but look to be almost twenty! Something has gone very wrong in The Playground!

There is a complete script for this episode so it at least made it out of the treatment stage. Sometime between the start of production and September 30th 1977 it must have been axed from the production schedule. It was not in the synopsis announcement made by cast and crew ast Starcon 77 however it did apear on the MGM accounting sheet. Even more annoying is that I can not find the page crediting the author and as a result the date is also missing. I have recently found a cover with an October 1977 date, but no name credit. Several people have mentioned they thought it was a D. C. Fonanna script.

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