Guest Cast

  • Eddie Firestone as Timon He often played the villan on Gunsmoke and can be seen in Bonanza and other TV westerns. He was also on Buck Rogers (Return of the Fighting 69th) and Galactic 1980 (the pilot) and Knight Rider which appears to have been the last thing he did back in 1982.
  • Paul Carr as Morah Most noted for his role in Star Trek as Lt. Kelso in Where No Man Has Gone Before, he also did a lot of other sci-fi roles. he played Lt. Devlin in Buck Rogers in 1979 and can be seen in at least three episodes of that show. He also had a minor roll during the 1965- 67 seasons of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Like most people on Logan's Run he also worked on Wonder Woman and The Amazing Spiderman.
  • Darrel Fetty as Pata Not in too many roles. He was in an episode of Happy Days, a episode of Kojak, and several episodes of Barneby Jones. More recently he appears to have been a producer on the series Viper and then went on to be a writer for Hercules, and then later Mutant X. You can also see him in the offbeat movie Blood Beach playing Hoagy.
  • Ian Tanza as Arcana. This person has really done nothing else related to sci-fi. His most recent apearance was ona a USA show called Money $hot in 2000 where he played Frank Czarnik.

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Script for the episode.

For some unknown reason there were a ton of publicity pictures taken during this episode. It was quite an episode to end on with varitey of plot complications and different sets this episode had it all.. invading armies of aliens from another planet, cloning, mutant monsters lurking an nearby fog filled bog! It reminded me a lot of some of the second season episodes of Buck Rogers for some reason. I did not get to see this episode until the 1990's and now that I look back on it it is a shame that I did not get to see this when it should have first ran. On the other hand it was very cool to see a new episode some ten plus years later on! Still it would have been nice to have had another childhood memory of Logan, Jessica and Rem.

Story description to be added as soon as I get the time to watch the episode again.

I really liked the chair design! It was so STNG!









66 x 96

77 x 96

Courtsey of Reelclothes

To the left is the special
costume Rem wore during the
later half of Stargate. In the
pic the electronics of the chest
cavity are not present.